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We all want to be loved...

But the word love is often misused
Or maybe we really don't know the true definition.

Love encompasses so many feelings and emotions -

Love is the strongest emotion that we share with so many ~
and in many ways so few.

Love is given unconditionally during the worst of times ~~

Love is giving support without ever being asked for it ~~

Love is knowing that words can be powerful, so we are careful to choose our words wisely ~~

And because we are 'only' human and we do 'slip' on occasion with our words ~~

Love is the ability to be able to  grant forgiveness and then move on ~~

Love is making lifestyle changes  without complaint - Because we never know what may be in store for us down the road where such changes may be necessary  ~~

Love is giving of ourselves so completely and unselfishly that it looks so easy to others, yet it really isn't ~~

Love is taking that silent vow of  -  'I'll be there for you no matter what' and really meaning it ~~

Love is putting your feelings aside for a time to 'listen' and knowing that advice is not what is needed.  Just your presence
and your undivided attention will make things somehow easier to cope ~~

To really love someone through thick and thin can sometimes be difficult ... But if that love is genuine, it takes very little effort - You see, 'that' kind of love comes from deep down inside and 'that' kind of love never dies ~~

~~~Thank you Steve~~~

Written by: Monica Waldman


feel free to pass this on ... to anyone who has given you their love unconditionally!!   *smile*

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