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In A Car

'In A Car'

One night in Los Angeles I was heading back home to Santa Monica and it was late. The buses had stopped running so I was forced to walk and try to hitch a ride. I did manage to get a lift. An elderly couple picked me up. My guess was that they were past 50 years of age. I was at the time about 25 or 26. They were both quiet and I sensed somehow a bit of gloom. My senses just picked it up. I asked if there was something wrong and to their surprise that I sensed something, they opened up and told me a sad story.

They were driving around that night more or less drifting, like two lost souls in the night. I don't remember who of the two started to tell me that they received a telegram earlier in the day, telling them that their only child, a son, was killed in action in Viet Nam.

I was speechless.

I felt so sorry for them - And I still do to this day.

I doubt if they are still living ... But if their souls are drifting ...

I'd sure like them to know that I have never forgotten the night when I I sat in the back seat of their car and listened to their story.

- Author: Carl D. Toothman -

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