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'In This Day'

Written by:

Bob Perks ... Check out his site for inspiration and motivation

I choose living not just for the sake of passing time.

I choose to take advantage of the milli-seconds between my breath and my sigh.

In this day I will grasp hold of the moments I lost so many times before as harsh words rolled off my tongue penetrating the ears and hearts of those whom I wanted to hurt and did.

In this day I will make up for time lost by living between my thoughts and my actions. I will live up to my potential which, through God's Grace is unlimited.

In this day I will help someone else find the greatest gift of all-himself. While we spend our lives in pursuit of success and happiness, we have within ourselves all that we will ever need from the moment of conception until our last breath.

In this day I will acknowledge that I am a magnificent creation capable of the greatest accomplishments. I am one of a kind. Never before in the history of human existence and never again will there be another me. I have a purpose, a mission, and with that a responsibility to fulfill my goals. The key to success is in "knowing" and "believing" that I can, then purposefully taking action. The "knowing" is the small voice you hear deep within that gives direction. It sparks the dreams and softens the indignant blows that life throws at us. It is the spirit of our being connected to the Great Power. It never goes away, although many spend a lifetime trying to block it out. "Believing" comes once we have accepted that self esteem is not an ego trip but a verification that you are a living miracle created by God. Although we are all capable of grand accomplishments that can change the world, we can all succeed at various levels none less important than the next. Some listen more intently to the inner voice and act upon their beliefs. Others cautiously follow, taking life step by step. Even those who do not heed the call serve a purpose. They often serve as the best friend, the parent, the neighbor, who ignites the spark in others bound for greater goals.

In this day I will celebrate as if it was my birthday and 24 hours was my gift. I will treasure the sunrise, and save the light in my hand for darkened days. I will fill my lungs to capacity with the sweet smell of life and consume the colors that surround me like a meal fit for a king. I will taste the reds and yellows of the flowers, and bathe in the blues and greens of the sky and grass. At the end of the day, in the darkest hours, my soul will light the way to rest in the satisfaction of knowing I did not waste a morsel.

Then on my last day on this earth I will leave filled with joy to a better place, knowing that I have served my purpose and completed my mission. I will leave behind my energy that will disperse into every rock, tree and molecule. I will become a part of the color, the light, the breath of life for others to consume. I will not wither to the ground as a failure, and serve as a pathway. I will rise with the sun to bring joy forever to those who will dream after me.

I am important.

I am successful.

I am God's creation!

I am alive!

"I believe in YOU!"

The following is from "The Flight of a Lifetime! A journey of discover for a person of importance...YOU!"

*Bob Perks graciously gave me permission to add this to my site...Thank you Mr. Perks!

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