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Our Boys

'Our Boys'

(Born May 20th, 1995)

Looking back we wonder how we ever got by not having our boys in our lives.

We brought them home one spring afternoon, and from that moment on they have given us such joy!

Sure, we will agree that they demand much attention and care. But, what they have given back in return is priceless.

The feedings, the changing - OH MY GOD THE CHANGING; especially for two, can be quite a chore. Constantly having to pick up after them; their toys strewn can be absolutely exhausting!!

When we look into their eyes and see how very much they love us and depend on us, that is what makes it so worth the effort.

Our boys can be quite mischievous in the usual way boys do...Knocking things over (only the unbreakable things, as we put the breakables out of reach). Crying for food, crying for attention and crying just to remind us that they are still here. They are constantly fighting with one another, always in a playful sort of way. As the saying goes ‘Boys will be boys'.

They certainly have been a handful.

But overall our boys expect so little in their precious lives.

To be loved, picked up and cuddled, caressed and nurtured with care!

As we observe them asleep; their eyes shut so tight, their wee bodies inhaling and exhaling each breath - We wonder what sweet dreams they must be having... Could they possibly be reflecting on the day? Or perhaps better still, they are thinking about how much they are loved by us...

------------ OR ------------

Could it be our boys are dreaming about ways to drive us ABSOLUTELY CRAZY TOMORROW???????


Cats...especially ones who are brothers, can be so demanding....geez!

Sammy and Madison are brothers. Three year old (part siamese) black cats. They have brought such happiness into our lives.

Our boys ARE our family!

Written by: Stephen and Monica Waldman

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