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Our heart is so very fragile that at any given moment

we can almost feel it jumping from our chests when we are happy ...

This is a real sign of absolute joy and overwhelming excitement!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We often hear the expression ... 'I have a gut feeling' ...

It may be the 'gut' that feels something, but it is most certainly the heart

which is giving us the signal of what feels right or wrong for us.

More often than not, our heart will guide us in the right direction.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our heart is where love comes from -

It is a place where we hold all of our fondest memories -

The sound of a heart beating can put a child to sleep -

All that is dear to us is held close to our heart -

When we give to others unconditionally, it's because we have heart -

Therefore, our heart is one of our greatest assets and it 'tells' us

in no uncertain terms how and when to do the 'right thing'!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you really think about it -

Our heart is usually what makes the

biggest decisions of our lives, more so than the mind.

If you were to go back in time and think about the major decisions you

have made in your life ...

Who you fell in love with, who you would marry,

the home or the car you purchased, the vacation you so wanted to go on ...

The final decision was not made solely by your mind -

but rather with your ...

So, if you get that 'special' signal from your heart ...

Follow it!!


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