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Remembering Now

Remembering Now

Remembering now, we are filled with anxiety and fear -

We WILL walk, talk, dance and love with greater ease...tomorrow.

Remembering now, our minds are confused and saddened -

We WILL laugh and play...tomorrow.

Remembering now, is a painful and disheartening time -

We WILL be healthy and happy...tomorrow.

Remembering now, has completely enveloped our lives -

We WILL tear open the flap and spread our wings and fly...tomorrow.

Remembering now, our sleepless nights and restless days -

We WILL sleep and dream of heavenly things...tomorrow.

Remembering now, how we have become stronger through it all -

Because remembering how things WERE, has finally brought us tomorrow!

Written by Monica Waldman

for my very special friend Nikki... *kiss*

Feel free to forward this on to someone special in your life!

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