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For You ... My Friend

For You ... My Friend

You entered my life during the worst of times;

For that I admire your courage!

You showered me with reassurance that everything would be alright;

For that I am indebted to you always!

You continually called and visited me when so many had suddenly disappeared from view;

For that I never felt alone!

You supported all of my decisions with much encouragement;

For that I was able to move forward!

You gave of yourself unselfishly and unconditionally;

For that I could once again see the light at the end of what seemed to be forever darkness!

You assured me that I was a strong person, and that my tears were not a sign of weakness;

For that I gained emotional strength!

You always remembered, even the smallest details, of the things in my life which were important to me;

For this, and for all of the things which make you such a special and wonderful person...

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

**YOU have touched my life in a very special way**

Written by: Monica Waldman

Dedicated to Phyllis

If someone has touched your life in a special way... feel free to forward this to them!

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