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An Angel Weeps

An Angel Weeps

~~Author: Stephen Waldman~~

Chasing rainbows on the beach.

Pursuing pleasures; bringing fantasies to life.

Making love - Our body and soul become one.

Embracing the bliss, we drift off to sleep.

And then I hear an angel weep.

Months blossom into years.

Each moment together evolving into treasured memories.

Yet with all of our devotion

and a love that runs so deep,

I feel a sense of sadness as I hear an angel weep.

What is this mournful cry

Whispering within my mind?

Haunting. Undaunting.

What dark secret could God keep

That would make an angel weep?

The answers flowed in the tears down your cheeks.

No cure. No help, we were alone in this together.

Fighting a chronic illness with only the courage

Summoned to the surface by our collective heartbeats.

And I hear an angel weep.

Frustration and suffering linger.

But the agony you endure cannot diminish our dedication to eachother.

Memories of yesterday we will forever keep.

I pray, one day, that you my angel,

Will no longer weep.

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