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I Believe in Angels

In everyone's life we all have special angels. Some come in the form of family or friends, then there are other angels - ones which are in spirit.

As fate would have it my angel and I met as if by chance. It was during a time in our lives when we were searching, unknowingly or course, for one another. But how could that be? Is it possible that way back in our minds we were wishing or hoping to meet someone very special?

My angel is a woman filled with more love, compassion, sensitivity, warmth and humor than anyone I know. She always knows exactly what to say and do at any given moment.

Even though many miles separate us, it seems that we both know what is happening with one another. When one of us laughs, we both laugh! When one of us cries, we both cry ...

I can always feel her presence. What we have far surpasses the definition of friendship.

I believe that it was more than simple fate which brought us together. There must have been a higher power who recognized that we had much to offer to one another. The odds were astronomical that we would ever meet in this lifetime!

I feel I have known her forever, even though we met a short time ago. God does send special angels to all of us - and I believe that we all serve as angels to many people in our lives.

To my angel - you know who you are ... I am THE luckiest and most blessed woman by far! My deepest wish is that I may always feel your wings protecting me, supporting me, guiding me and loving me.

Written by: Monica Waldman

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