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Windows to the Soul

Windows to the Soul

If eyes are the window to the soul, she views the world through stained glass. Fragmented, distorted colours, incasing a vibrant soul that wants to be beckoned; shedding the chains that hold it captive in a dark cavity of her mind.

She holds the key to these shackles close to her heart, always within reach, but guarded by the dark.

Voices penetrate her head. Voices telling her what to think, what to do, where to go. And she listens because it's easy. But she knows it's the elusive key that she needs.

The time will come to reach into the abyss of her heart and grasp that elusive key, releasing that subjective and mysterious force called life, to once again feel it's energy cascading through her veins and fill her soul.

Until then, she remains a prisoner of the dark, nourished not by drugs...
But by the power of my love.

~Author: Stephen Waldman~

*if you know of anyone who is suffering from depression and feel helpless..
open your heart, give your love and if you wish to be as supportive as possible, simply sit and listen.

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