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Tributes To My Site


I, like millions of other people today, live in a very stressful, hurried world. I come home from work and after completing my chores at home, I settle down in front of my computer to relax. Writing is very relaxing for me, but I find so much more on my computer!

An angel has a very special place that I love to visit when I’m exhausted and stressed to the max. I know that when I leave her place, I will feel so warm and relaxed.

I just go to her site and click on a beautiful white gate with a trellis of flowers. Then, I sit back in my chair with my cup of freshly brewed coffee. I put on my earphones and let the beautiful music and words soothe my soul……

Oh, I find so much within this gate! I find friendship, love, compassion; I find myself smiling and sometimes crying with a fellow soul brother or sister whom I have never met in person; yet these special soul brothers and sisters are touching me so deeply. They share their happiness, their pain. I want to reach out and touch them all with a hug and share my love with them.

Inside this gate, the angel lets me touch my new soul brothers and sisters in return. This special angel has given me the encouragement to write again. I was so wrapped up in my busy, hectic world that I had forgotten where I find my best form of relaxation. I love to reach out to people who are lonely, hurting, sad, or feeling the loss of a loved one as I have done so many times. My angel at the gate has given me the blessed encouragement to do this once again, through my writing. My hope is to be able to bring comfort and a smile to those who need it, and I want to reach across the distance and give a heartfelt hug to those who need one.
So, I feel so fortunate to have found my special angel, and I always know I can find her at the gate!

Please, my special angel, take care and know that I am reaching out to you with love and hugs and eternal gratefulness for all the encouragement you are to me and the rest of my soul brothers and sisters in this big, big world. Your special gate opens up the way for us to reach and touch each other for smiles, condolences, encouragement and hugs. It's such a blessing to know that even if we live on opposite sides of the world, we can walk through your gate and our souls can touch and heal. Please take care and know how much we love and need our special angel at the gate.

Dedicated to Eva, our Angel At The Gate
Authored and submitted by: Charlotte Dixon

There is a place my heart can go
Where there is comfort for my soul
A place that's made with loving care
A place that Eva, with love does share

Peace through the storms her pages bring
Lifting our hearts so we can sing
A blessing to all she tends to be
Thank you Eva for sharing with me

Raindrops to sunbeams She brings to me
From troubles and sorrrows she sets me free
I am so glad I found her place
Blessed from God with his amazing grace

Authored and submitted by: Pauline Hamblin

Thank you so very much for these tributes!
I will forever hold them close to my heart...
Much love,
Eva :)