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To Life!

I am finally seeing life in an entirely new way -

The clouds are dispersing, the sky is now blue and no longer grey.

A type of re-birth completely foreign to me,

has made my mind clearer now and I feel free.

Life has so much to offer us all,

but sometimes we don't see it until after we fall.

So many unforeseen problems and stresses arise-

Take a break from the confusion, look up and gaze at the sky.

For so many years I gave of myself,

always leaving my needs and feelings tucked away on a shelf.

Life is there for me and for you..

It has not been reserved for a chosen few!

I am learning that what life has to offer, can be mine!

If I play my cards right I will attain them in time.

Life provides us with happiness and joy -

Don't abuse it, or lose it or play with it as if it were a toy.

For one day it will be gone,

and you will never again hear life's sweet song!

~Author: Monica Waldman~

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