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                                        The Right Thing

Sometimes the most difficult of life experiences are ones which we will often 'sweep under the rug' in the hopes that they will suddenly disappear.

It comes back to the saying:
'Out of sight, out of mind'

Doing what is 'right' is often never easy.
In fact, doing the 'right' thing can be a most difficult task.

Doing the 'right' thing comes quite naturally for people who have a kind and compassionate heart.

Doing the 'right' thing requires one to be prepared to see the reality of life -
Then knowing that when we come away from it we will feel a multitude of emotions.  As a result of those emotions we will then reflect on our own lives and our own mortality.

Doing the 'right' thing is a commendable action, provided it is carried out without guilt as the driving force.

Doing the 'right' thing involves simple acts of kindness -

~ visiting the sick at home or in hospital ~
~ taking care of the aged ~
~ providing emotional support ~
~ sending a special note, card or gift ~
~ reaching out and expressing your love for that person ~

Doing the 'right' thing does not take much time on your part,
but will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime by the recipient!

Always remember this -
We may never be touched by some of life's really difficult challenges ....
But if for a moment, we were to put ourselves into the shoes of the people who are dealing with major challenges ...
What would your expectations be of your friends and family?

Perhaps your hopes would be that they would be there for you!

My question to you now is -

Have you been there for them?
 For the people who matter to you?

And more importantly ...

Have you been doing the 'right' thing?

- Author: Monica Waldman -


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