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   A girl that has been abused and tossed aside

  Has lost the freedom to be herself to be loved

 She also has lost the sensation in her body

 By numbing herself in order to bare the pain

That was so devastating to her well-being

 She lost the ability to express her feelings

  Because crying or getting angry was not allowed.

 In the home that she grew up in, and she feared

 The ones that had authority over her up-bringing

   Her defense mechanism was taken away from her.

 By not being allowed to say "NO" to the adults

Even under any situation or circumstances

  That is where she lost knowing her boundaries


The girl was taught to respect her elders

 And to do as she was told no matter what

   She was not allowed to make her own judgements

  She trusted and was told to kiss goodnight

 To any of the adults that were present in the home.

 She only pleased the adults and forgot herself

 In the process she was taken advantage of

   She was threatened if she told the "SECRET"

  And if she did, she would be struck by lightning

But no one would believe her even if she did

 And that secrets that are told are always lies

  Her self image was also taken away from her

   In the process of being obedient and to be loved.

 ~~Written by:  Survivor Rose Katts~~


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