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                The following poems were written and submitted by:
                                                  Tana Craig
                             I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
                                              Thank you Tana  : )
             (please note: These poems cannot be copied or reproduced
                        without written permission from the author!)


                    Science has proved that Mother is wrong,
                    which is scientifically pleasing;
                    A virus, not drafts and wet feet causes colds.
                    Yet I sat in a draft, with wet feet -
                    and I'm sneezing!


Tana Craig



"I don't believe in God," she said

"I'm liberated and I plan;

a slick career,

a winter tan,

a sleek car and

a sexy man.

"I have no soul. I'm in control."

She lied.

Late last night she up and died.


Tana Craig

copyright 1988



The vapor rising off the newly blossomed trees

drifts into a sunny, morning sky

in sharp contrast to rain darkened branches.

A drop of leftover rainwater slips slowly down

a spring green leaf

and is captured, glinting brightly, by the early sun.

It flashes briefly the full rainbow spectrum,

then drops from sight and memory to the ground.

My soul begins to stir and warm in the spring air.

My roots go deep into the earth;

I cling tenaciously to life.

Then God whispers in my ear,

"Heaven's better."


Tana Craig

Copyright 1976



Yesterday the trees were bare,
This morning there were blossoms there.

Yesterday the birds were gone,
Today a robin hopped across the lawn.

And, yesterday I had no song to sing,
But that was long ago -
Today it's Spring!


Tana Craig



        Today I awoke to a world of enchantment
     in a castle adrift in an ocean of white
        encrusted with droplets of diamonds and
       that transformed the desert -
 It snowed in the night!


Tana Craig


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