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Life, like a fragile glass, if not handled gingerly can break in an instant.
As in our lives we are tested in resistance and resilience.

So easily on an emotional and a physical level a life can be broken in the blink of an eye.
We are confused and frustrated by what has befallen us, holding our head in our hands and simply cry.

No one knows how to make things better, to make things right.
Others are feeling our pain and in their eyes you see only fright.

Surrounding ourselves with all the things we love, all that we are blessed with just doesn't seem like enough.
With each passing day the sadness becomes deeper and we are constantly asking "why must life be so tough?"

One's pain can wear us down to a point where we feel completely shattered - pieces of ourselves lost and forgotten.
Our resilience is thin, patience is nil, and if asked "how are you?", we simply answer "rotten".

Wondering how we can bear yet another day and more importantly how can we pick up the pieces of our shattered existence.

It may not be today or even tomorrow, but in time with support, love, inner strength and persistence you will begin to feel the healing begin.

Trust those around us to lift our spirits.
Physically they may not be able to help, but emotionally they are our primary ticket.

Take what they offer and embrace their courage, kindness and compassion.
The burden we are carrying is ever so heavy and in time we will form our own revolution.

Fight as hard as we can, dig deep down within..
And before you know it that frown we've been wearing - for what seems like forever, will develop into a grin.

EVERYONE is fragile!

NO ONE can escape pain - emotional or physical!

It's how WE deal with it!

Accept IT!

And absolutely REFUSE it to shatter us, otherwise IT wins and we lose.

Author: ~Eva~

(Midi playing: "One Man's Dream")

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