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Our Night's Morning

Your voice, your beautiful voice
sends chills up and down and
through my spine.

Your beautiful mouth...
with it's simpleness, and taste,
and lips with such meaning, in their softness...
I can see that in my watching them, along with your
other features, you can see...
how I adore you.

In our night's morning, you have shown me
in ways that no other poet ever could with words,
what a simple thing like true, virtuous beauty,
really is.

In our night's morning... I was content.
Content... A simple word, explaining in such precise detail...
how I'd felt then, and
how I feel, now.

You, angel, have captured my soul and heart's mind,
with the simple way you blush,
and the way that your hair fell around my face,
shielding me from the world for one night's morning.
You, angel, have me...

And like our night's morning, true beauty...
(namely you),
cannot escape my mind and heart.
And like true beauty,
your nervous laughter, will be here
inside me, for an eternity.
For I do, indeed, adore you... my angel.
Our night's morning...
did not fade away
with the coming of dawn,
and will not fade away
with the coming of days upon days, and years upon years...
and with the coming and going of lifetimes.

I will always have our night's morning.

I will always have our night's morning...
in contentment,
I will, remember you.

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