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Mirror Image

Mirror Image

I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
Someone, that looked surprisingly like me.
Blue eyes, blonde hair,
With skin that is fair.
A child inside, fearful and shy,
Standing there, looking in my eyes.

I was not meant to be slender and tall
Just short and plain,
You can surely see.
These and more are part of me.
Honesty, truth, and justice
I try so hard to practice.

Lover of life, of animals, and trees;
I love the wind that blows through the leaves
And through my hair on a windy day.
There really is so much more than that,
you see.
There are many talents, so others say;
Patience, kindness, and generosity,
Just waiting for me to acknowledge them someday.

There is so much more
That makes up the one I call me.
An inner calling to a distant shore,
Always searching and seeking
For the one I call me.
A need to love;
A need to give;
To love and be loved;
To be wanted and needed.
This is what I see.

A seed that is planted, and watered will grow.
When loved and cared for, they will blossom and bloom,
Seeds are just one thing of which I do sow.
And so will the child within me, if given the freedom.

I looked in the mirror and what did I see?
I saw the person inside wanting to be free,
Of the insecurities destroying me.
Wanting to become the person I was meant to be.

I looked in the mirror,
And what did I see?


~Author: Sharon Davenport~
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Graphics by:
J.O.D's Old Fashioned Black and White Clip Art Collection

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