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"If You Come Across An Angel"

If You Come Across An Angel

Every day, in the world around us,
real-life angels are doing the things they do...
and bringing more smiles to the world around them.
Real-life angels build bridges instead of walls.
They don't play hide-and-seek with the truth,
they do whatever they can to help you.

Real-life angels understand difficulties
and always give the benefit of the doubt.
They don't hold others up to the standards
they can't live by themselves.

Real-life angels are what "inner beauty" is all about.
Real-life angels don't hold things against you;
the only thing they you.
They take your hand in theirs
when you could use a little reassurance.

They walk beside you when you could do with
a little guidance and direction in your life.
And they support you in your attempts to do what is right.
Real-life angels multiply your smiles
and add to you interegrity.

They make you feel like,
"Hey, I really am somebody who matters."
Then they quietly prove to you how beautiful
and true that feeling really is.

If you come across an angel like this,
you are one of the luckiest people of all.
If someone in your life
is wonderfully like an angel to you,
it's important to let them know.
It's the nicest compliment you could ever give
in all the days of your life
and in all the years that you live.

~Author: Unknown~

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