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I Love

(Sequel to 'Our Night's Morning')

I love you so much.
I love you, my heavens.
My earth.
My future and my present.
My present and my gift.
I love you.
I love your skin, I love your sound, I love your breath and I love you being around, when you're not around.
I love your smile, lingering here, all the while, me being alone, but not alone.

I love your hair, floating inside my mind everywhere, wrapping itself around my face, and clutching my heart in it's tangles.

I love your upper lip, it's tip always dry until we moisten it together, and the way mine tingle and pulse with your every touch,
and I smile feeling your feet, ..clutching mine with their little toes, soothing my essence and igniting such a shy color on my face, with their knowing gentleness and grace.

And I love the way you look right now, reading my simple rhymes and 'nothings'.

I love the way you're still laughing nervously, and the way you'll be beaming the rest of this day, and all throughout this night inside our dreams,
where I can finally see you..
where I can finally kiss you..
where we can finally hear 'angel' with our fingertips, again... and where we can dwell as long as the kind night permits, in another night's morning.

But how my love, can I title my still, 'Untitled'?
And so I ask you.. you smile, and I hear you inside me... saying simply,

'I love'

~~Author: Steven Ludwig~~

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