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Who the heck does this guy think he is?

Actually I can't remember who I am at the moment. It happens on occasion. (okay, it happens alot.) It's probably somewhere on the messageboard, preceded by an insult from Raf.
Here's what's written on the piece of paper in my hand:(It must have been written by me, for I can barely read it.)

Name: Draconix

Nicknames: Drac, Ix, Chicken (I can cluck. So?), Pollo (Spanish for chicken), Dragon Man, Dragon Boy, Dragon Dude, Dude With The Dragons On Your Shirt, , Freak, Psycho, Nicaragua (Don't ask.), and of course I can't leave out my most common nickname: Hey, Can I Borrow A Dollar? (Note: I don't bum money off of people, they take mine.)

Legal Name: irrelevant (Or unknown)

Species: Human (Supposedly. Others beg to differ.)

Place Of Birth: Laguna Beach, CA (Note: I am not a Laguna beach artitht, but I haven't anything against them.)

Places Of Residence (In chronological orderfrom least to most recent): Laguna Beach, CA. Kailua-Kona, HI. Waikaloa, HI. Kamuela, HI. Dana Point, CA. (My current place of habitation.)

Birth: September, 1982 CC (Christian Calendar)

Languages Spoken: English, Latin (Semper Ubi Sub Ubi!). I also know some words and phrases in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Ancient Egyptian, and Sumerian. (I am interested in learning more of these languages.)

Languages created (So far): Phoenixian[Sa halc, dol! (It's a hopeless and lost cause, idiot!)], Kderdji [kilikilikili kuwae! (This is very bad)] These are for use in novels I'm working on.

Religeon: None. (This is NOT an invitation.)

Degree Of Sanity: None whatsoever.

Skills: Art, writing, electronica (No finished songs yet though. Equipment ain't cheap.), computers, making people laugh, driving pacifists to violence.

Favorite Book: Ender's Game. (Of course.)

Favorite Music: Orbital

Favorite video game: ... kind of a tie between Xenogears and Starcraft

Favorite movie: Fight Club

Favorite series: Cowboy Bebop

Favorite quote: "The only man who ever saw the meaning of life died laughing." (I don't remember who said it though.)

Person I practically worship: Steve Jobs

There, I feel that I have told enough lies to last a lifetime. :)