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Season Four

* Episode 01: We noticed Joey's mic-pack at the beginning of the episode, we can see that Pacey's hair is longer at the beginnning than at the end, so those shoots were taken after.

* Episode 02: the wide shot of Pacey and Joey at the beginning is the same one as the last wide shot of them. If you look Joey is talking which she shouldn't be.
When Dawson talks to Gretchen outside the CD store Vanilla Ice is the first CD on the stack but when they go inside the store it is the second CD in the stack.
I'm not all that sure, but when Jen and Jack get into the little fight at the dock you can see Jen's Mic-pac when she gets off the side of the pier and starts walking away from Jack.
When Dawson and Jen are on the pier talking about Henry and Jen's breakup, you can totally see James' mircrophone just underneath the collar of his T-shirt.


- * -


Season Three

*Ep. 301, Like A Virgin: When Dawson and Joey start talking in his room, the music is blaring downstairs, but when the conversation starts going, the music diminishes.
When Joey takes off her shirt for Dawson, the tank top straps are too thin to wear a regular bra. But when she takes the shirt off, suddenly the bra has straps.

*Ep. 302, Homecoming: When Dawson is talking to Pacey at the beginning of the episode, James Van Der Beek messes up his line by saying "It's nervous to be natural..." He tries to correct himself saying "..natural to be nervous." but the mistake was never edited out.
When Eve and Dawson are on the stage talking, you can see Brittany's mic wire.
Capeside High starts in tenth grade, as was established last season, so how is it that Henry, a freshman, is on the football team?

*Ep. 303, None of the Above: When Pacey falls on the docks, we see the entire box go into the water, but suddenly, the picture is out again, on the dock.

*Ep. 304, Home Movies: Dawson mentions to his father that the football team is "winless three years running" but in season one's episode, Dirty Dancing, which takes place only one school year earlier, Cliff Elliot mentions the dance is a "victory dance" for the football team.

*Ep. 305, Indian Summer: When Rob sprays Joey with water, her shirt gets soaked, but when the camera pulls away, it's dry again.

*Ep. 306, Secrets & Lies: When Henry fell from the roof, he grabbed Jen's arm and ran. Don't you think he'd be a little fazed from falling from at least 10 feet?

*Ep. 307, Escape From Witch Island: When the group spends the night in the church, all the candles are blaring. Who brought all the matches, and why were they so bored as to light every candle?
Dawson and Joey state that the project is for English class, but Pacey later says it's for History.
Why is the girl in school that Andie repremands wearing a spaghetti strap dress and open-toed shoes on November 10 (as Joey and Jen stated), in Cape Cod, MA? It's pretty cold up there this time of year.

*Ep. 308, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: When Joey and Andie are talking, Joey has a Y type necklace on, but in the next scene, she's wearing a choker.

*Ep. 310, First Encounters of the Close Kind: Since Nicki is Pricipal Green's daughter, wouldn't she notice that her father had been interviewed in Dawson's movie? She wouldn't have been srprised that he went to that school when they talked on the train.

*Ep. 311, Barefoot at Capefest: Dawson seems to keep his window open year round. But it gets really cold in New England in mid-winter, way below freezing.

*Ep. 312, A Weekend in the Country: Since it's the "coldest night of the year", and the furnace is broken, Joey shouldn't be wearing a tank-top to bed.
If Bessie can't afford to have Bodie home, how does he show up the next morning?

*Ep. 313, Northern Lights: How did Henry get up on the rafters without a ladder in the first place? And if he did, why can't he get down the same way?

*Ep. 314, Valentine's Day Massacre: You have to be 17 or so in order to give blood. Henry's only 15.
How was the gang able to gain use of a bunch of golf carts?

*Ep. 315, Crime & Punishment: The McPhee's seem to have moved back to Windsor. This season, we saw a new kitchen and front of the house (Ep. 306), Andie's new room (Eps. 303 and 314), and Jack's new room (Ep 314). But now we're back to the old house (with the trellace outside Andie's room), and old kitchen.

*Ep. 316, To Green With Love: Principal Green packs his stuff all in a box when Joey comes in. Then he and Nikki leave the school for good, but he left his box in his office.

*Ep. 317, Cinderella Story: Jen says to Dawson, "I remember two years ago, right over there, when you asked me to be your 'boy adventure.'" But while it was really two years ago, it's only been one Capeside year. They were sophmores for a season and a half, and are now only juniors still.

*Ep. 318, Neverland: In the opening scene, Pacey tells Joey to get back into the car because it's freezing out. But the next morning, Joey and Bessie eat breakfast outside, and Bessie's only wearing a short-sleeved shirt, and then Andie and Jack eat outside after.
When Andie and Jack are eating breakfast, Andie pours milk over her cereal, then sets the milk carton down on the table. We cut to Jack, then back to Andie, who has the milk in her hands again, and sets it down on the table for the second time.


- * -


Season Two

*Ep. 201, The Kiss: Joey & Dawson make plans for their fist date on Saturay. Joey mentions 90210 is on that night, implying that it was Wednesday. On the same day, Pacey makes plans with Christy for 'tomorrow night'. So, Dawson & Joey are going out Saturday, while Pacey & Christy will go out Thursday. Yet both dates take place at the same time.
When Andie gets out of the car, she's not carrying her purse, but has it with her in the next shot.

*Ep. 202, Crossroads: When Dawson finds out he missed Pacey's birthday, he states: "Today's your birthday", but Pacey's birthday was the day before.
In Massachusettes, one must be 16 and a half to take the driver's test, not 16 as Pacey was.

*Ep. 204, Tamara's Return: Then Jen and Abby are arguing in school, there's a girl in a white and blue striped top walking toward Abby, when the camera switches, the girl is walking back in the opposite way, towards Jen.

*Ep. 205, Full Moon Rising: When Joey is drawing the man, the clock reads 8:05. But when she turns to talk to Jack, the clock reads 8:40.

*Ep. 206, The Dance: Joey and Dawson did attend a school activity, the dance last season in Dirty Dancing.

*Ep. 207, The All-Nighter: Dawson comments that his mom "cried during the commercials" as he takes the video tape out of the VCR. Videos don't have commercials.
If Mr. Peterson was absent, wouldn't there be a substitute instead of cancelling class?
Despite the fact that they're all still sophmores, like last season, instead of being in the different period classes they were in last year, now they're all in the same class.

*Ep. 208, Reluctant Hero: Jack told Joey he'd be there at 8:00. When he arrives, Dawson is there, then leaves to talk to Jen. Jen tells Dawson she'd pick him up at 7:00, but isn't it already well past seven?

*Ep. 209, The Election: Andie's medicine perscription is written Andrea McPhee, but medication would be addressed: McPhee, Andrea.

*Ep. 210, High Risk Behavior: As Dawson and Joey are talking at the beginning, it cuts to Jen talking to Chris. But when Chris is inside a scene or two later, his outfit changed.

*Ep. 211, Sex, She Wrote: Jack's locker is yellow and on the bottom row, but in a future episode, To Be or Not To Be, his locker's blue and on the top row.

*Ep. 212, Uncharted Waters: When Jack is telling Dawson about his father, he mentions his dad is "up in Providence". But if Capeside is in Massachusettes, than Providence, Rhode Island is to the south.

*Ep. 213, His leading Lady: After the first take of Dawson's movie (when he tells everyone to take five) Andie walks all the was past him and Jen. But when the camera cuts to a different angle, Andie walks by again.
In the first Pacey/Andie scene, the scene opens on a view of the McPhee house. Outside Andie's bedroom window, there is no trellace, but later on in the episode, Pacey climbs the trellace to the window.

*Ep. 214, To Be or Not To Be: Mr. Peterson collects the poems, but Jack still has his on his desk when he's asked to read it.

*Ep. 216, Be Careful What You Wish For: When Jen and Ty break up after Dawson's party, the grandfather clock inside the house reads 7:00. Jen mentions that Ty has been waiting for two hours. I doubt the party was that early in the day, or that it ended by 7:00 P.M.
Abby's friend makes a comment about coming out at age 16, but other episodes establish that Jack is 17, he's a year older than Andie.

*Ep. 217, Psychic Friends: While Capeside is in Massachusettes, the North Carolina state flag is visible flying over the fair.
How is Jen in the film class, which Dawson had to fight to get into last season, considering it still doesn't allow sophmores?

*Ep. 218, A Perfect Wedding: Gail begins the wedding wearing a short grey dress, but danses with Mike Potter in a long dress.

*Ep. 219, Rest in Peace: After Jen talks to Andie about hypocrisy, she leaves her backpack in the bathroom, but has it with her after.

*Ep. 220, Reunited: The actor playing Tim has changed from the actor who's picture was shown at the McPhee's house in Full Moon Rising. Instead of a blonde in the picture, Tim is dark-haired.

*Ep. 221, Ch..Ch..Changes: When Dawson hits his hand with the hammer, the guy saying "Ow" isn't him.

*Ep. 222, Parental Discretion Advised: The fence Dawson built for Joey last episode is no longer there.


- * -


Season One

*Ep. 101, Emotions in Motion (Pilot): When the group is going to the movies, you can see a mic box in Katie's back pocket.

*Ep. 102, Dirty Dancing (Dance): Nellie is in Dawson's English class, making her a sophmore. But she is also in the film class, which does not allow sophmores to enroll.

*Ep. 102, Dirty Dancing (Dance): Katie Holmes messes up her line "The rewind on the remote of life doesn't work" by saying "The remote on the rewind of life doesn't work". She starts laughing at the mistake, but James keeps going.

*Ep. 103, Prelude to a Kiss (Kiss): In the ruins, Jen and Dawson leave the tv off as they run to hide, but then the tv turns itself on to tape Pacey and Tamara.

*Ep. 104, Carnal Knowledge (Discovery): At the Ice House, when the group is talking about the tape, Jen asks "Ms. Jacobs, as in 6th period Ms. Jacobs?" But it was earlier shown that she has English 2nd period, not 6th.

*Ep. 105, Blown Away (Hurricane): The weatherman announces that school will be canceled the following day, due to the hurricane, but isn't "movie night" usually on Saturdays for Dawson and Joey?

*Ep. 106, Look Who's Talking (Baby): Tamara's car doesn't have a Massachusettes license-plate.

*Ep. 107, The Breakfast Club (Detention): Jen and Pacey's kiss, which was a dare for 10 seconds, lasts for about 15 seconds, while Joey and Dawson's (supposed to be 15 sec) lasts for nearly 30.

*Ep. 108, Escape to New York (Boyfriend): Pacey hands Joey one tape for the English Patient, but in reality, the movie takes up two tapes.
Joey leaves the house for school with wet hair, and no shoes, but she shows up at school with shoes and her hair is dry.

*Ep. 109, In The Company of Men (Road Trip): At the end of the episode, Warren tells Joey "The reason I picked you up this morning was, I thought it would be nice." but the episode spans several days.

*Ep. 110, Modern Romance (Double Date): The Witter's truck is the same one that Bessie drove in "Look Who's Talking".
In the Pilot, Joey has bio first period, but Dr. Rand says a student from the 6th period class will be coming.

*Ep. 111, Friday the 13th (The Scare): When Joey, Pacey and Dawson head to the store, it's mid-afternoon, but it's night-time when they get there.
Pacey tells Joey to stay in the running car, since he doesn't have the keys, but as he leaves, he starts the car with no problems.

*Ep. 112, Pretty Woman (Beauty Contest): When Pacey does his Braveheart speech, he wanders from the mic, but his volume stays constant.

*Ep. 113, Breaking Away (Decisions): This episode says Joey's mom died two years ago, but in The Breakfast Club, Joey says it was 6th grade, four years ago.
Joey's 15 in this episode, as she has been much of the season, but in a previous episode, Escape To New York, it stated she had turned 16.


- * -