Shauna's Yankee-Diary

April 6th, 1999
Dear YankeeDiary,

Well, the first game of the season was very dissapointing. The Yankees lost to the Athletic's 5-3, after a rain delay. The rain also came back in the eigth and closed it off early, preventing the usual yankee come-from-behind win. Clemmens pitched okay, and us fans got our first look at the Rocket's game face. He was tense, and overthrew a bit in the first inning. Although both pitchers are control pitchers, they each had a handful of walks. Maybe it was the rain.

Davis proved to us what we missed last year by hitting a solo home run early in the game. Starting pitcher for the Indians Gil Heredia, who was the only pitcher last year to shut the yanks out at home, hit Derek Jeter. I don't mind telling you, YankeeDiary, that I was scared sh@#less. Sterling was very soothing, commenting, "you ask how you can hurt the yankees, *that* is how you can hurt the yankees". Meaning, of course, knock their star shortstop out of the lineup. In any case, Jeter was fine, hitting his own solo home run in the later innings.

However, the Yanks went back to their stranding self of late last year, leaving the bases loaded in the first two innings. Oakland, a hitting team, flaunted their defensive un-prowess as Philips bobbled an O'Neill double play ball that allowed Jeter to slide into second safe and later score. Jeter had the best day out of all the Yankees.

If you could watch TV, YankeeDiary, you'd have been laughing very hard at Tim McCarver, who was apparently very nervous. Stuck with the worst analogies (they did this whole thing on comparing the yanks to a menu...strawberry shortcake? ha ha ha), he was quick to point out that the Rocket, the main course, had been traded for Lloyd Graeme (cue cards flipped?). Basically, he bumbled and fumbled his way through the whole pre-game deal. My sis and I spent a few minutes laughing, then turned on Sterling and Kay...they're the best, aint they?

Yeah, well, last year the yanks lost the first game, and look how that turned out. I'll write for the next big game...the ho-o-o-o-me opener!

See ya! -Shauna

April 7th, 1999
Dear Yankee-Diary,

The Yankees Win! The-e-e-e Yankees win! I said I wasn't comin' back to the home opener, but I completely forgot about the first mark in the left column! The Yankees won 7-4 in a complete game this time. Plenty of excitement.

First off, my man Paulie broke out of his slump by ripping two doubles, including a two RBI shot as insurance man in the 8th. Jeter kept his hot streak, too, hitting a triple and two singles. He's definitely becoming a power house, and is still one of the fastest on the Yankees. Chad Curtis kept his job for tomorow when he hit a homer.

El Duque was a jem as well, striking out almost a dozen and allowing only two runs, and a handful of hits. Listened to Sterling and Kay again...advice for those with a TV and a Radio. Turn the sound down on the Television set, turn the radio up, and enjoy.

That's it! -Shauna

April 13th, 1999
Dear Yankee-Diary,

Well, this entry's a summary of the weekend games, each important in their own right. Starting off with the first, I suppose, was Friday's rainy home opener. Seems to me the Yanx brought back the bad weather with them, but it hasn't hindered their offense...they quite literally blew the Tigers out of the water (they were up by so much, they ended the game because of rain in the seventh...or was it the sixth?). The best part of the game was the pre-game, with Yogi throwing out the first pitch.

Also, on the sadder side, Paulie's town was pounded as well... a tornado ripped through the Cincinatti area. Luckily, all the little O'Neills are safe, as well as his wife Nevalee (you hear that, McCarver...NEVALEE, not EMILY!!!!).

I was lucky enough to have tickets to Saturday's game, for Roger Clemen's debut. He struck out at least eight, combining with Nellie (Jeff Nelson) for a shut-out win. I think it was a three hitter for him.

Lastly, on Sunday, the Yankees were given their 98 World Series Rings. More on that later. All I'll say on that now is that Joe Torre described the look on the Rocket's face when he saw the rings was "not jealousy, but hunger." Oh, yeah, and the Yanlees ended the game in the third with eight runs. That's it for now!

'Bye. -Shauna :)

April 24th
Dear Yankee-Diary,

Yes! Finally! The yankees are on a three game WINNING streak and I couldn't be happier. They've finally turned the tides and are regaining the AL East lead. They're only a game behind Toronto now. Even wierder then the Yanks not being in first place is the fact that Tampa Bay is right behind them... then Boston then Baltimore.

Well, the first game they played, of the three, they won four nothing. Thanks, of course, to my Paulie, who hit a two run homer with Jeter on first and then a solo homer in the third. Behind the solid pitching of David Cone, they were able to have their first win in what seems like a long time. I think it relaxed the whole team.

7I was lucky enough to go to the next one. Chili Davis and Derek Jeter, once again, proved that the yankees are a power team as well as a singles team. Jeter hit a two run homer, his fifth of the season, putting him in second place for homers at the time. It was his tenth consecutive game that he hit in. Jeter, now, leads the league in runs, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and total bases. He is a RUN-AWAY on that one. I also found out an interesting fact at the game. Did you know Derek Jeter has the most runs scored (352) in his first three seasons then any other player in baseball history???

Anyway, I went to the third one as well, last night. It was, you guessed it, the Wells-El Duque matchup. We cheered when he ran to the bullpen to warm up, when he ran from the bullpen because he was finished warming up, when he was announced in the lineups, when he took the field....and when he left the game after surrendering to the yankees a 4-1 lead.

Neither Paulie of Jeter did very well last night. Paulie hit into a GIDP but had a sac fly. Jeter lost his record when he got out twice and walked twice. He must've been on base every game this season, though. Bernie and Chad each had some great catches in the outfield, although one just drifter over Curtis' head for a double. Tino booted a ball, but that was the Yankees only error.

After El Duque left in the eigth, they brought in Stanton to face one better. Then came in Nellie. He finished off the eigth, and started the ninth...unfortunately, he continued his problems when he let in two runs. In the end, they brought in Mo (so at least it was another save for him).

Well, let's root for the Yanks tonight...they win this, they take the division lead!

That's all, folks! -Shauna

June 7th
Dear Yankee-Diary,

Well, I sure haven't written in a while! Sorry, guys, but I play three sports, and with finals and's been getting to me. In the mean time, I'll fill you in on what you probably remember.

The yanks flirted with puttin' Ramiro in the starting rotation to replace the Toad while the Rocket recovered on the DL, but decided he was better in the bullpen (neither Mendoza, Clemens or Irabu has done well lately). Clemens tied and passed the AL record for consecutive wins, but then the Mets ended that streak yesterday. Rocket has pitched okay, but sure isn't up for the Cy Young this year (more likely Pedro Martinez, who has dominated on the Red Sox so far this year). Coney has been the only solid performer, only getting rocked once or twice. El Duque has been shaky more then a few times, although he did have that almost-no-hitter gem earlier. And Pettitte...well, lets say he aint up to form.

Grimsley (MY MAN GRIM!!!!) has been a savior this year, pitching beautifully each time he comes in to pitch. Him and Mo are the only guys you feel safe to bring in. Of course, bullpens are lacking all over baseball, so I can't complain too much.

A lot of my fave players have been in slumps. Poor Paulie has NOT been hitting for the past few weeks, though he has gotten off a coupla Silver Bullet Blasts. He told a friend, "this is it, it's over, I can't hit", but that's just a little ol' Paulie depression. Brosius is finally starting to hit at number 9, but had been slumping pretty bad. And Tino's grand slam seemed to loosen him up (by the way, was that four-shot reminiscent of the World Series or what?).

ARRRGGGG!!!! JEEEETEERRRRRR!!!!! I am in mucho, mucho pain. The poor little tyke had in Ofer-on-base-er, the first of the season. Oh, sob of sobs, that was 57 straight he'd gotten on by walk or hit! A suburb mourns. Okay, I've calmed. Jeter's been flashing power and clutch, and just cuz his streaks broken doesn't mean he won't continue to perform well. Can you say Mr. MVP?

As of now they're a half game behind Boston for the AL EAST. Boston Sucks (right, Matt? :>). You win some, you lose some, and I just wish the latter happened less often.

Write again soon -Shauna

June 26th
Dear Yankee-Diary

Uh, oh. Big uh-oh. BIG BIG BIG BIG uh-oh. Hamstring. Hamstring pulled. Derek on DL? Not know yet. Very anxious. Nervous. MVP gone for weeks? Uh-oh. BIG uh-oh.

For those who don't know, our Jete was taken out of the game yesterday in the top of the 8th, after pulling/injuring something when he ran out an infield single yesterday. Luis Sojo came in for him (luv the slide, by the way), and he played the only two innings this year that Jeter wasn't at short. In the meantime, jete DID reach base for the 71st time in the yankees 72 games.

And in the meantime, the yankees have been on fire. We've seen nearly ten high-quality performances in a row by the starters, except for a mediocre start by Irabu. When the yanks went to Florida, to face the TB Rays, they outscored them 26-7, and the Devilrays tied a league record of 8 straight games at home that they've lost by seven runs or more. Bernie Williams and Tino each caught fire, Shane's started to hit home runs (and nearly every ball off his bat is hit hard), Paulie's nearly hiked his average up to .300 (where it belongs!), and after his little eye-check, Jorge's seen the ball alot better and brought his BA up into the .200s.

The bullpen pitched nearly thirty innings and gave up only one run (the bullpen consisting mostly of Mendoza, Grimsley, Stanton, and Rivera). Then they gave up a couple more in the past few games, but after all, this is Camden Yards we're talking about here.

They showed a list of the worst averages in a certain position and sad to say, yankee-leftfield was the worst, with a .194 average, but Shane's workin' to up that mark. Fourth worst was yankee catchers. With two positions lacking, it's suprising their the third best team in the major leagues and only three or four games behind first-place Cleveland.

-Shauna :( (let's all hope that Jete's OK!!!)