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Armenian Highland is the stone ansestor of the Bible.It is the source of the Biblical knowledge and is one of the birth places of the world Astronomy,Astrology,Math and ancient mythological Cosmogony.

The sources to validate those conclusions are found in the following:

General study and analysis of the Karedaran treasure-the vast stone depo of ancient knowledge depicted on the rocks found in Armenia, show the following:

Paruyr Sevak faciliates the search of a way towards the understanding and reading of Grikor Narekatsi(many of his cogitations have truly an immense significance and are not appreciated up to now). In his turn,Grikor Narekatsi faciliates the right understanding and interpretation of the Bible.

Here, the Bible itself becomes the key for the study of human knowledge, the great treasure-Karedaran.We think that the Bible is a living Karedaran guide, opening in itself many mysteries and secrets of our world civilization.In an instance, astonishing results in history of the cultural development, language and religion are received.

The Bible and Karedaran simplify the search for knowledge and reveal a technological sequence which gave a rise to Alphabetic letters and their graphic forms, words and word combinations.

The mechanism of language structure development as means of communication is revealing the technology of accumuluation and knowledge keeping, formation of sciences. Unity and intercommunication of logical and conseptual mentality are brought to light. Psychology and analitical activity of our ansestors come to light with some objective regularities of social life development.

In karedaran we find:

technology of training and education of the ancient people, principles and models of human characteristics' development, intercommunication of biological and social structures, the dynamics of developing intellectual ability of the human being, with significanses of trade and science,etc.

We realize that complex investigation and system of analysis of thousands of pictures(more pictures than the number of papers in the Bible)is a work beyond the strength of a little group of scientists and specialists of the "Search" Centre. Karedaran demands the attention on behalf of our young Armenian State on one hand and of international scientific world-on the other hand.


Knowledge in culture, science and art knows no bounds, yet it has a sense and meaning for all mankind. We think and hope that the President of Armenia can and must declare to the world a program of re-creating the stone treasure of knowledge and draw attention of politicians, scientists and specialists to this problem of restoring the world treasure.

In our view, that will promote the cultural significance of Armenia and its role in human development, and creation of our world civilization. Armenia is not only a country of chemical plants and nuclear power-station.

First of all, Armenia is the country of culture, sciences and art. It is a country where men of genious created, where great artists, phylosophers and thinkers of the Earth have lived.

Imagine, what would the humanity loose if in one time, all databases of knowledge in all languages in the world were destroyed. Karedaran is the place of thousands of rock carvings, ancient drawings, petroglyphs, archaic writtings and manuscripts, containing a unique information, knowledge and experience in one, the only available language for all people-in the language of drawings and ancient rock carvings.

SOURCE: www.arminco.com/Armenia/haik.html