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(Jessie's note: I have no clue what to think about this song. It's rather pretty though.)

I am cow

Hear me moo

I weigh twice

As much as you

And I look good

On the barbeque

Yogurt, curd

Cream cheese and butter's

Made from liquid

From my udders

I am cow

I am cow

Hear me moo!

I am cow

Eating grass

Methane gas

Comes out my ass

And out my muzzle

When I belch

The ozone layer is thinner

From the outcome

Of my dinner

I am cow

I am cow

I've got gas

I am cow

Here I stand

Far and wide

Upon this land

And I am living everywhere

From BC to Newfoundland

You can squeeze

My teats by hand

I am cow

I am cow

I am cow

I am cow

I am cow

I am cow!