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Adenium swazicum "Double Delight"

A most beautiful selection of this species with truely double flowers consistently produced. Unlike some other previous doubles, this clone blooms with ease and has been used to some extent in breeding. This is the trend in new desert rose flowers besides color. Imagine what the first breeders of the rose said when a double flower came on the scene!

Adenium "Pink hybrid"

Some hybridizing utilizing odd color forms of species previously disregarded for breeding by early hybridizers.

Adenium "Red Multiflora clone"

A red clone of a multiflora type. NOT A. multiflorum With a multitude of smaller deeper red flowers. Crosses with this clone has yielded darker red flowers in abundance at each branch tip. Unfortunately, this plant is somewhat sterile and yields fewer seedpods with viable seed within. More breeding work and investigations are necessary to keep this breeding program going. To date most of the best colored forms has been by chance selections from unknown seeds. A thorough undertsanding of each species and how they behave will eventually unlock the secrets in producing great hybrids.

A variegated leafed form.

A red seedling from a Thai import.

Left: Adenium "Mike's White " and right: Adenium "Peachy Pink "

The Home Page for Adenium Addiction

The beauty of Adeniums have intrigued all lovers of flowering plants for decades, but unfortunately very little information is available on culture, breeding and development of this species. It is my hopes to broaden the realm of adenium culture with insights into creating a most rewarding hobby and one where trial and error is replaced with firm, hard growing techniques and principles. Adeniums are basically tropical plants. While most literature state that they are desert plants, the best cultivation is achieved in a warm, sunny, year-around growing climate. This is why most of the best adenium cultivars originate in areas of tropical conditions (i.e. Hawaii, Florida,Thailand, and Taiwan). It is not to say that they can only be grown in warm tropical climates, but with special growing techniques and patience, one can grow them almost anywhere! This site will be divided into five basic parts. They are; Culture, Species, Propagation, Hybridization, and Gallery of Cultivars. References and links will be added as available.

A naturally occurring genetic mutation of miniaturization of a species. Note the quarter for scale.

A hybrid of Adenium somalense and possibly an A. obesum with a dominant splash characteristic that will be passed onto future crosses of lighter colored flowering plants.


Cultural Information

Species according to Michael

Propagation techniques

 Illustration how-to

Photographs with some information
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Left: Adenium "Mombasa " and right: Adenium swazicum "A batch of seedlings blooming for the first time"

Left: Adenium "Black Ruby plant with flowers " and right: Adenium "Black Ruby close-up"

Adenium Black Ruby

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For people living here in Hawaii, try Fukuda Seed Store at 1287 Kalani Street phone 841-6719 for supplies mentioned here. I do not recommend growers going to Pacific Agricultural Supply due to their horrible service and poor quality controls. Instead, try Exacta sales, where service is utmost and they care about your needs.

SHIPPING PLANTS TO THE MAINLAND Interested in obtaining some new adenium hybrid grafts from Hawaii? Plants can now be exported to US destinations and other regions (inquire first). See attached link to request price sheet and information of plants available for sale. Well grown Adenium plants hardened in Hawaii's full-sun climate. Flowering plants are obtainable at a shorter period of time. Many varieties to choose from.

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A new fringed petaled form of Adenium obesum

Adenium swazicum with a stripe in center of petal.
My Favorite Links

Adenium Breeding with Species Page
Cactus and Succulent Society of Hawaii

A remake of the Red Ribbon hybrid using superior parents for flower sturdiness.

If you live in Hawaii, there are a few helpful suppliers that can you get some of the products mentioned. Try Fukuda Seed Store at 841-6719. I have had terrible experiences with Pacific Agricultural Supply

by the Cactus and Succulent Society of Hawaii, Inc.
The Desert Rose Show and Sale turned out to be a widely attended success. Stay tuned for the Show sometime in May 2005. Possibly on the Saturday of the Memorial Day Weekend.

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If you live in Hawaii and want to learn more about these fascinating plants, please see the Cactus and Succulent Society of Hawaii's page with current information and places where sales and demonstrations will be occurring.

Cactus and Succulent Society of Hawaii

The true yellow flowered desert rose. Please do not inquire about the availability of this clone.