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Bootleg CD Covers

*indicates covers scanned by me

Acoustic Series
*Amethyst Skies
Asking For It
Blood Stained Covers
Bruselles, Belgum 4/25/95
Bite Me
*Big Day Out 1/23/99
Bring Me The Head of Lynn Hirshberg
*Broken Baby Doll
*B Girl
California Dreaming
Courtney Act
Courtney Does Dallas
*Courtney Love & Hole
*Courtney Love - In Conversation
*Doll Parts
Double Penetration
Drown Your Scars
Electrical Support
*Endless Summer Nights
*HFS-Mas Holiday Nutcracker
Hole Lotta Love
*Hole - The Interview
Hole Original Live Recordings
Glass Houses
Good Sex
Kiss Away The Darkest Day
*Live In Melbourne 1/26/99
*Live In Sacramento, CA 3/11/99
Live In Amsterdam '92
Love Hates You
Not So Silent Night 12/10/98
*Love Is A Punching Ball
*Love Story
Miss World
My Beautiful Song
My Body, The Hand Grenade
*Penny Royal Tea
*Pretty In Pink
Pretty Please
Plugged & Unplugged
*Plug You & More
*Ravaged Seduction
Raw Power
Reading 1995
*Riot Girls
Rock's Bitch
Rumors, Lies & Media Rape
Seattle '93
Something Must Break
*Sugar Coma
*Teenage Whores
*The Girl With The Most Cake
The Princess of Love
The Void
The Wolf Is Hungry
Under My Skin
Unplugged & Even More
Unplugged & Unloved
Ugly Demented World
U.S.A. Live
Unplugged & Reading
Unplugged & More
Vengeance Is Mine
Virgin Megastar
Waiting on the Edge
White Steel Rose

*scanned by me.