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The Mother of all Garages

The Mother of All Garages is complete. May it house many a FORD and only the largest of motorhomes.

Construction started: May 29, 2003 - excavation

Construction ended: July 31, 2003 - electrical work done

The first vehicle inside on the concrete (a '64 Fairlane) rolled in on July 19, 2003. We had temporary electricity via an extension cord from one garage to the other, so the Great Move happened before the final day of construction. Some landscaping, driveway work, and shelf building has been going on since then but are nearly complete as of October 2003.

General contractor: Warren Peter Construction, Indiana, PA


Mike Barnhart Construction (posts)

Lias (crane work for trusses)

Anderson Electric

Marion Center Supply (concrete)

Ted Moreau Garage Door Sales and Service, Indiana, PA

Construction Materials:

Most lumber, sheeting, siding, roof stuff - Lezzer Lumber, Indiana, PA

Roof Trusses - Fairman's Roof Trusses, Creekside, PA

Gravel - Corte Masonry, Indiana, PA



After I moved into my old house, Dad and I planned build a garage across the street. The Mother of all Garages to be exact. This one would *hopefully* be large enough for all our stuff.

Plans for the garage were: 32'W X 64'L with 2 14' high, 10 (or 12'?) wide doors. This was changed early on to a 14' high, 24' wide insulated single overhead door. Yes, that's a big friggin' door!

The plans for the garage were developed during the 2002-2003 winter, but have been in the works since dad built his first megalithic (so we thought) building at 475 Grandview behind the rental property. The second, original "monster garage" was built at 217 Grandview behind the next rental, and was thought to be the "garage to end all garages". After the new owner promptly turned that into a KITCHEN of all things, and then an apartment, we decided revenge was necessary to make things right. That and a leaky roof in my motorhome....

July 9th: CONCRETE!!

May 3, 2003 "The talk" with Warren Peter.

How did we live without it?

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