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New Fairlane Ideas

Remember this car?

Well, the people that brought you that "new" Thunderbolt have another one in the works.

Scott Alder Motorsports is working on a new project car. Here's my friend Scott's "new" Fairlane.

Imagine this ride with a 550 horsepower stroked-302, a built C4 and a 9 inch rear. Add disk brakes, a better rear suspension, and a fuel cell, and it's a cruiser for sure. Yes, the engine is ready. It's a '68 302 stroked to 355 cubes using Edelbrock CNC'd heads, a Victor Jr intake, 750 cfm carb, and a Comp Cam. The horsepower isn't estimated, that's 550 honest horsepower! Plans are for a C4, a 9" Lincoln Versailles rear end, and different interior upgrades.

The wheels are 18", and yes they fit. Scott has 225/40/ZR18s on the front, and 265/35/ZR18s on the back. Those aren't the only exterior changes. The chrome trim will be changed and lots of fiberglass will be added.

Don't worry, we'll keep you posted with the progress at Scott Alder Motorsports. I'll update this page every time he sends me new info on the car.

On Sunday, 01/28/01, I got the following update: We went after the fairlane today and removed the following items: - front bumper and brackets, sway bar and brackets, master brake cylinder, 500 trim on body and doors, fairlane 500 emblems,door panels (all four)

Found problems in following areas: - battery tray from acid (made hole), side windows has rust on both sides near the emblems, some pin hole rust spots in trunk

So far, have removed the following: - bumpers - engine - master cylinder - front bench seat - carpet - door panels - drive shaft - 500 trim - gas tank

Scott is almost ready to start rebuilding the car, and is going to soon figure out how to mount the 9" rear end and get the tire/wheel combo into the body correctly.

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