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On this page I will feature Thunderbolt models built by my friends. Please send in your home-built creations.

I'll start out with a few kits built by Ken Andrus of OH. Ken builds 'em so they look like real cars that have been shrunk!

The Atwater Ford Thunderbolt driven by Jake King.

Butch Leal's Ford Drag Team car.

Gas Ronda's championship-winning poppy red T-Bolt.

The Tasca Ford Thunderbolt from Rhode Island. For more info and pics of this car, go to my Tasca Ford page.

Jack Smith from Howell, MI sent in some pics of his "Little GA Shaker" Thunderbolt. Looks like you could jump in this one and shoot down the strip!

Al Santos sent me some pictures of a different kind of T-Bolt. This is how one might have ended up if it kept racing into the early 70s. I'll post his quote here to describe the origins of the model and it's name.

"My "CoCo 3" '64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt Funny Car came about when I married the body of the more redily available Revell '64 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt Street Machine with the chassis and engine from the Blue Max Mustang Funny Car. (wanted to keep it as much Ford as possible) Why "CoCo 3"? Well my two loves are the vintage '64 Thunderbolt and my very first computer, purchased in 1981, a Tandy Color Computer (affecionatly refered to as a CoCo (for the 1st 2 letters in the word COlor COmputer) The CoCo 3 was the last, and most powerfull (a whooping 512K of RAM, wow!!!) incarnation of this Tandy computer when it was discontinued in the late 80s.

Interior help

All Thunderbolts were built with tan interiors. No matter which car you are thinking of building, the interior should be tan with silver trim. Interior shots of real cars will be posted here.

Exterior help

For exterior differences throughout the 100 cars, consult my history pages for now. I'm going to add some material here later, but for now I guess you'll have to search around.