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1964 Ford Thunderbolt Page
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1964 Ford Thunderbolt Page

Welcome to my website, which is dedicated to the 1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt. These 100, special purpose built drag cars, helped Ford Motor Company capture the NHRA Super Stock title that year.

1964 -- 2004


Celebrate 40 years of Total Performance in 2004!

THE reunion of 2004 will be held in Dearborn, Michigan the weekend of June 25-27. This will be in conjunction with the Fairlane Club of America and the Thunderbolt Owners Association. Lots of drivers, owners, mechanics, and FoMoCo and DST employees who designed and worked on the cars will be in attendance along with as many original Thunderbolts as we can get. The goal is 35+ original T-Bolts! I donít have dragstrip info yet but I know it is being discussed. As I get more 40th Reunion information I will post it here on the home page.

Anyone who currently owns or has owned, driven, worked on, or helped build the Thunderbolts, please contact me.

For information on other events this year, CLICK HERE.

My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

In 1964, exactly 100 Fairlane 2 door sedans were partially built by the Ford Motor Company and shipped to Dearborn Steel Tubing for completion. These cars were finished as drag race-only machines for Super Stock, Super Stock Automatic, and A/FX class competition. Many had glamorous careers, while some had accidents with tragic results.

Today, Thunderbolts are highly valued collector and nostalgic racers. Many are still known to exist, and most that aren't around are known to have been wrecked. Please mail me if you have any pictures, history or anything associated with these awesome, once in a lifetime cars. Thanks!!

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The Cars

Altered Wheelbase Thunderbolts

Old Photos

New Stuff UPDATED 2/6/03 - MOVIE!!!!

The History of Individual Cars UPDATED 7/14/03 NEW PAGES!!

Recent Updates and Discussion

My tribute to Bob Trevarrow - CLICK HERE


Special thanks to my friends for helping me with research, photos, etc. Without their help I wouldn't be where I am now. Dennis Kolodziej, Larry Davis, Dave Heisey, Joel Naprstek, & "Diz": THANK YOU!

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If you send a photo, please email me afterwards to make sure I received it.