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Gas Ronda

Gas Ronda received one of the "handbuilt" burgundy Thunderbolts. His 4 speed car would see many changes and developments over the year, ending with him winning the 1964 NHRA championship.

Ronda's car started out as the same color as most of the first 11 cars, and was lettered "Downtown Ford". Later on it was repainted Poppy or Ragoon Red and lettered "Russ Davis Ford".

Being an early car, this one would have had the plexiglass windshield and fiberglass bumper.

Gas Ronda's car was raced continuously for a long time and had many owners/drivers. The car was even driven by Bob Glidden at one point! It ended up down in Florida and is owned by a nice guy named "Willie D". Hey Willie!

This page is new (11/13/02) so keep checking back for photos! I am working on it as you read this.....