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Phil Bonner

Phil Bonner was well known for his drag racing ability previous to 1964. He was sold ($1) one of the first 11 burgundy Thunderbolts in late 1963. One of Phil's specialties was match racing, and he used this car to win lots of races, and lots of money, throughout the 1964 season.

During the same year, Phil also ran one of two 427 powered A/FX Falcons. I'm not sure when, but at some point Phil was at a race with the Falcon while the T-Bolt stayed home. One of the mechanics or workers at the shop decided to race the car without permission. The car was rolled and completely destroyed.

Phil was given a hardtop 427 Fairlane, originally built as a Holman-Moody prototype NASCAR (!) racer. I have no photos of this car, but it was orange and had an awesome set of wheels on it. Supposedly it is now restored, although I don't know of it being shown or featured in any magazines.

Phil Bonner's ride early in it's career. Note the early "cloverleaf" hood and fiberglass bumper.

Phil Bonner racing "The Lawman" with a big lead. Stick Thunderbolts could really jump off the line with a good driver and the right tires. Note the later teardrop hood and aluminum bumper.

Check back - more pics on the way!!!!!!!