40 YEARS OF THUNDER 1964 - 2004
40 YEARS OF THUNDER 1964-2004

Information on all the events of 2004 supporting Thunderbolt Reunions will be posted here.


THE reunion of 2004 will be held in Dearborn, Michigan the weekend of June 25-27. This will be in conjunction with the Fairlane Club of America and the Thunderbolt Owners Association. Lots of drivers, owners, mechanics, and FoMoCo and DST employees who designed and worked on the cars will be in attendance along with as many original Thunderbolts as we can get. The goal is 35+ original T-Bolts! Check out the home page for all the details.

Anyone who currently owns or has owned, driven, worked on, or helped build the Thunderbolts, please contact me about attending this event. We have many, many people and vehicles scheduled to be there.



Carlisle All-Ford Nationals weekend. I am assuming there will be Friday night drag racing at South Mountain Dragway like always. Carlisle is a nice event if you can make it that far East. They will probably do the same thing they did for the "Lightweight Galaxie Reunion" which had a decent turnout.


I've heard about something going on in Oklahoma, but donít have any details nor have I been in contact with any of the promoters.


Email: 427fairlane@angelfire.com

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