Ryan’s 4th Christmas in Heaven

As Christmas approaches you are thought of.
This was your favorite holiday.
You gave with your heart,
And expected nothing in exchange.

I look at pictures of Christmases past.
The memories last.
From age 1 till 21, you truly enjoyed the season.

The lights and trees were your favorite.
The three trees I bought you
will light your way home this year.
This will be the first time since you returned to Heaven
that I could do this for you.

My greatest gift is that God lets you live in my heart.
There lies the greatest treasure of all…...You!

I love you and miss you more each day.
Till we are together again,
Blowing Kisses to Heaven.

Love Now, Always and Forever

Thank you, Saralyn, Robbie's Mom!

Thank you again, Saralyn!

Thank you, Beth, Hayes' Mama!

Thank you, Linda, Grant's Mom!

Thank you, Polly, Jessica's Mom!

Thank you, Donna, Zachery's Grandma!

Thank you again, Donna!

Thank you, Reeny, Mom to Becky and Dustin!

Thank you, Donna, Corey's Mom!

Thank you, DJ, Shane's Mom!

Thank you, Susie, Jason's Mom!

Thank you, Shirley, Laurie's Mom!

Thank you, Sue-Anne, Lee's Mom!

Thank you again, Sue-Anne!

Thank you, Linda, Tina's Mom!

Thank you, Elena, Dennis's Mom!

Thank you, Carol, Michael's Mom!

Thank you, Kris, Bradley's Mama!

Thank you, Judy, Heidi's Mom!

Thank you, Lynn, Ken's Mom!

Thank you, Patti, Dustin's Mom!

Thank you, Karen, Geoff's Mom!

Thank you, Christine, Deborah's Mum!

Thank you, Ann, Jason's Mom!

Thank you, Debbie, Jakob's Grandma!

Thank you, Judi, Andrew's Mom!

Thank you, Rose, Leo's Mum!

Designed and made for Linda and Ryan with love by Saralyn