In Loving Memory of
Ryan Dominic DeAndrea
7-22-82 - 3-16-2005

Merry Christmas in Heaven

A Christmas tree all lighted up
Was one of your favorite things,
But this year your tree will be lit
By the stars---Oh, how beautiful it will be!

As the morning breaks, you will be in
My heart, soul and thoughts.
You will shine through my eyes,
Now and Forever.

As the snowflakes fall, I am sure
You will sprinkle them with love and kisses;
Oh, how beautiful they will sparkle!

Christmas morning with all your friends
And at the most wonderful Birthday Party ever--
Jesus' Birthday.
Oh, how beautiful that will be!

Christmas Morning without you I can't imagine,
For this is a first of many.
You will live through me, Ryan;
I will never let your memory fade.
I will never let them forget what they stole from me,
My son, my baby, and most of all, my heart.

Rest in Peace, dear Ryan,
For your star is shining
This Christmas Morning.
You are remembered with love, compassion,
For who you were, who you loved,
And the greatest sacrifice you gave.....
Your life.

Blowing Kisses to Heaven,
Love, Mom

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