When Sadness Comes 

When life brings untold sadness,
It's different than we've known,
We wonder just how we'll make it,
How we can carry on.

We try to hold our heads up and,
Make it through the day.
But we are oh so sorrowful!,
As we try to make our way. 

Sometimes we hurt so much inside,
We can't seem to find relief,
Especially when alone with our tears,
There's nothing but our grief.

Just know that Jesus loves us,
He knows about our pain.
If we open up our heart to Him
He'll help us smile again. 

If we turn our eyes upon Jesus,
And His promises we claim,
When shadows of the evening come.
Grief will not remain.

We'll find Him in the morning light!,
And feel His presence there.
He's there for us with open arms
And for us will care. 

Used With Permission

Hi, Mom

I know it has been so hard for you this past year.
But I am so happy here.
I don't hurt anymore.
Mom, please don't question what
I did. I knew the consequences.
I do miss you and love you still.
Can you feel me when I am with you? Do you like the chimes ringing for you?
How about when I scared you?
I have friends here, Mom.
James, TJ, Nicole and have met some
family too.
Baby, Tasha and Cassie are here, too.
Mom, please don't cry anymore.
God has gathered all your tears
and has given them to me.
I catch your kisses every morning.
Mom, it is beautiful here.
I will be waiting for you when you arrive.
I hear you pray for me every morning.
Thank you.
Mom, I want you to smile and laugh again.
I know you will never be the way you were.
But try for me.
You do know I will always be in your heart.
Mom, when you play my music, think of me.
But don't cry-- smile 'cause I am right
beside you.
I heard I'm going to be an uncle.
Mom, look in his eyes and you will see me.
I'm going to be his guardian angel.
My love for you will always be with you.

Love you Always, Ryan

(Poem written by Linda DeAndrea - Please do not copy without permission.)