In Loving Memory of Ryan Dominic DeAndrea
7-22-82 ~ 3-16-05

Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven

Today you would have been 24.
So, as you celebrate your 2nd Birthday in Heaven,
you are in my thoughts,
as every day you're there and in my heart.
I remember with love the day you were born--
What it felt like to hold you in my arms;
Your first smile;
Your first word;
Your first step;
Your first day of school;
The first time you said, "I love you, Mommy;"
And the last words you said to me.

I remember your first love with fondness,
And I remember the love you died for with regrets.
What I don't have memories of are:
You being the best man for your brother's wedding;
You holding your newborn nephew;
Your wedding day;
Your first new home;
Your first child.

Living without you is so hard.
Only a parent who has lost a child
Understands this emptiness and hurt.
Your memory lives in my heart.

So, Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby!
Blow out the stars, and think
of the day we will be reunited.
I know you're happy now.

You Always,
And I will
Never stop loving you.
I miss you more than life itself, and
love you just as much.

Blowing Kisses to Heaven,

Love, Now, Always, and Forever,

My Dearest Ryan

Here I am, missing you more and more.
You are so much in my heart, soul, and thoughts.
I am keeping your memory alive.
I want you to be remembered for your heart and
the good things you did,
Not for that one bad decision of heartache.

You leave me pennies and ring the chimes, and
There are days I feel you so close.
But these days hurt the most.

I will always and forever
Be blowing kisses to heaven for you.
Ryan, my heart will always be yours.

As someone I will always care about and love told me,
People come into your life for a reason.
We just don't know why at that time.
After they leave your life, you know the reason.

Jocelynn talks of her Uncle Ryan a lot.
And I am sure she will tell her brother all about you
And of how much she loves you.
I thank you for watching over them.

Until we meet again,
I will be sending you
All my love, kisses, and hugs to Heaven.

Love always,

We Walked Together

We walked together, you and I,
A mother and her son.
We had hopes and dreams for tomorrow,
But tomorrow didn't come.
We walked together, you and I.
We talked, we laughed, we loved.
We shared so many happy times
And for that, I thank God above.
We walked together, you and I,
But only for a short time.
For all too soon it ended
Leaving broken hearts behind.
And even though I miss you,
More than words can say,
I thank God that I got to walk with you
Every moment of each day....

Author Unknown

Another Day Without

The stillness of the morning wakes me,
But I cannot see
Why there begins another day
When my son's not here with me.
The house feels strangely silent
And his room, a lonely place.
I long to touch his soft brown hair
And kiss his dear, sweet face.
I'll never feel his hug again--,
Why couldn't he have stayed?
I'm left with only memories
Please, God--don't let them fade!
Deep in my heart, his spirit lives,
His laughter I still hear.
He'll forever be my little boy,
Though I can't hold him near.

Author Unknown