Happy 27th Birthday, Ryan

Today is Ryan’s fifth birthday in Heaven.

I know where you are.
You're every breath I take.
You're every heartbeat, my heart beats.
You're every thought that rushes by.
You're every sunray that brushes my face.
Every raindrop that touches my skin.
You're the sparkle in every snowflake that falls.
You're the wind the grazes my cheek.
I know where you are.
You are always with me, in my heart.

Happy Birthday, dear son of mine.
I miss you more each passing day,
And love you endlessly.
You will never be forgotten.
Every day that passes marks one day closer
Till we meet again.

Blowing kisses to Heaven just for you.

Love, Now, Always and Forever, Mom

Thank you, Saralyn, Robbie's Mom!

Thank you, Patti, Dustin's Mom!

Thank you, Sue-Anne, Lee's Mom!

Thank you, Christine, Deborah's Mum!

Thank you, Ann, Jason's Mom!

Thank you, Karen, Geoff's Mom!


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