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Without you, it would not be possible....

There is beauty, there is love, there is healing. But there are also a lot of bills to pay!

We thank you for believing in the mission of T.S.F. Your faith and contributions are what make it

all possible. Thank you!



Chastain Mist Summer Camp



Johnson-Fortin Charitable Trust

Car Clinic in Puyallup





Ambassador Arabians

Ellen Silverman

$99 and under

Nancy Schaffel

Melanie Mannix

Itasca Equine

Wendy Tinker

Cynthia Osborn

Harry Staughton

Gretchen McCormack

Jack Ely

In Kind Support

It takes a village, and we thank you, for every moment of your time,

your donations of goods, services, office supplies, tack, and help

us to keep expenses down and spirits up. Thank you!

Rusty Harrington

Sheila Cutlip

Tiffany Melby

Dawna Easterlin

Dorothy Chastain

Triway Enterprises

Monteaka Norwood

Heather Keller

Car Clinic

Bill Draper

Jaclyn Messer

Heather Keller

Jade Davis

Candace Orfao

Jenna Orfao

Jessica Jang

Sunriver Buildings

Kiperts Trailer Sales

Tack Room Too, Tumwater WA