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Top Five Most Dangerous Nancy Drew Villains

#1: Emily Griffen (Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.) Em captures the top spot because not only does she bash Nancy's head in with a bone if she catches her in the endgame sequence, but if Nancy succeeds at trapping her and escaping, the epilogue says that even the sheriff and his deputies had trouble subduing her. Yikes! She also tied Nancy up in a shed and set it on fire earlier, which is a pretty ruthless murder attempt. She gets my vote for villain I'd least want to meet in a dark alley.

#2: Mitch Dillon (Secrets Can Kill.) Okay, so he got beat up by a high school girl, but in his defense, she WAS a judo champion, and he still would have defeated her in the end if not for Nancy. And more to the point, Mitch is the only character in the Nancy Drew series who actually killed somebody (other than Nancy if the player botches something), which gives him a lot of villain cred. I think he may be the only ND character we ever see packing heat, too. I'm sure Nancy's hoping he doesn't get paroled anytime soon.

#3: Minette (Danger By Design.) She's easily one of the most annoying Nancy Drew villains, but surprisingly, she also turns out to be one of the toughest. A martial arts master, Minette will brutally beat Nancy to death if you can't figure out how to block her quickly enough, and she even appears to take sadistic glee in landing the killing blow on the helpless Nancy (ouch!) This is also one of the most difficult endgame sequences for the player to get right on the first try, so she's dangerous in that sense, too.

#4: Dwayne Powers (Stay Tuned For Danger.) Dwayne is one of three villains who will creepily strangle Nancy to death if she fails to escape from them (the other two are Elliot Chen and Andy Jason.) Though their strangling sequences are all similarly sinister, I gave the nod to Dwayne because he's more of a psycho and attempted to commit murder twice during the course of the game, whereas Elliot and Andy were really just thieves.

#5: Taylor Sinclair (Secret of the Scarlet Hand.) Like Dwayne, Taylor creates extra scares by trying to murder another NPC in the middle of the game. He isn't as physically menacing as some of the other villains, but leaving Nancy closed inside the monolith to suffocate was a particularly creepy thing to do.

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