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PROLOGUE: Primetime Wrestling Federation, properly known as the PWF has officially opened its doors and it has done it with a smash. With such superstars signed as the world famous Goldberg, that man that went with well over a hundred and fifty victories without being defeated and superstars such as The Rock, the PWF is bound to hit the big time in a hurry. Live from one of the biggest cities in the world, New York City, New York the PWF is going to hit the world famous Madison Square Garden with its very first event, Evolution. Eight official matches are scheduled to take place on this historic matches and amongst the matches is the match everyone comes to see, the Main Event. The Main Event is the match that everyone comes to see, of course they get to watch the other matches before the big one, but that is just a bonus to get them all hot and bothered before the big one greets the squared circle. Evolution's first ever main event is a huge one, a Four Corners Elimination match. Four men, but only one man will walk out victorious. A man who has revolutionized the professional wrestling industry all by himself, from screwing the bosses daughters and getting his way one way or the other, Triple H is one of the guys participating in this match. Triple H, no stranger to the professional wrestling world, has officially signed with the PWF and what a bonus that is for the PWF. AJ Styles, a face that is not to familiar to most fans is also scheduled to compete in this match, will he make a statement tonight?. The kind of statement that he doesnt have to be known in order to impress who he needs to impress?. Kurt Angle, an Olympic Gold Medalist and undoubtedly one of the best mat technician to ever step foot into a wrestling ring is also in this match. Kurt accomplished one of his goals by winning the Olympic Gold Medals in 1996, but he can accomplish another goal and become the lead man in PWF?. Now the man everyone has been waiting to see, ' Big Poppa Pump ' Scott Steiner will step into the squared circle tonight against those other three men and try to do the unthinkable, and thats defeat three other men in one night. Scott Steiner is a machine, a mad man, he has the definite size advantage and the strength over all of these men, but can he use them to his advantage to come out on top and possibly be the star of the night?. Stay tuned to find out!.

SCENE: The scene opens up outside the world's most famous sports arena, Madison Square Garden, we are broadcasting live from New York City!. Outside the arena the last of the fans pile into the arena one by one as they prepare themselves for a night of explosive action courtesy of Primetime Wrestling Federation. In the parking lot of the arena several limousines have already dropped off their superstars and have parked. Near the front entrance of the building a glimpse of a superstar can be seen. As the cameras get closer it is revealed that Scott Steiner and Midajah are officially here at the PWF as they enter the building and make their way down the hallway. They waste no time getting to their locker room and out of sight of the camera's as they enter the room and close the door. Inisde the room, in the corner of the ceiling is a camera Scott and Midajah doesnt know about. At ringside the titantron flickers on and reveals Midajah and Scott Steiner backstage talking. The fans at ringside begin to listen.

' big poppa pump 'Scott Steiner: "Let me tell you something Midajah, these fucking people around here will go anything for a damn interview. I thought New York City was a sophisticated place, so far all I see is hobo's and a couple of street lights, this place is about as bad as Harlem is, and the people, dont get me started on the people."

' supa dupa freak 'Midajah: "I wont Poppa, these people around here are nothing but inbreds, it reminds me of Arkansas so damn bad, there is no way that New York City can be one of the most highly sophisticated places around. I mean like you just said, there's nothing but street bums and a view wannabe glamorous lights. These people repulse me."

' big poppa pump 'Scott Steiner: "Dont you worry Momma, Big Poppa wont let any of these inbreds lay a hand on you, and if any one of them attempt to do so, I'll break their fucking necks like a twig. Look at these arms baby, arent these the best damn looking pieces of meat you would ever want to see?."

' supa dupa freak 'Midajah: "Oh yeah you've got that right Poppa. Those are the biggest arms in the world. I just love it when you wrap them around me, I feel so secure and cautious. You make me feel as if nobody could touch me, but you. Those are the sexiest things I have ever laid my eyes on, later tonight your gonna have to use them, on me."

' big poppa pump 'Scott Steiner: "Thats another thing you wont have to worry about Midajah, you are my Number One Freak. There arent any other bitches in the back who could amount to you, besides none of them can do that little thing you do with your tongue either."

' supa dupa freak 'Midajah:[ Smiles ] "I am so talented, with my tongue and other things, ha ha. Anyway Scott, tonight is a big night for you. Tonight we make an ever lasting impression on the PWF, tonight we are going to let everyone know that one, we are the dominant couple nobody else is, and two, you are going to be the champion in no time, because there simply isnt any competiton."

' big poppa pump 'Scott Steiner: "Damn skippy Midajah. There's not going to be anything better then having that PWF Championship around my waist. Thats going to be the prettiest sight in the world, besides you. I dont know which is the finest, gold or you, they both run a tight race. But gold can do that little thing you do with your tongue."

' supa dupa freak 'Midajah: "Oh Scott will you stop it already!. I know I am good at one I do, you dont have to remind me. Lets focus on the task at hand. Tonight you are in a Four Corners Elimination Match. Which means you'll have to defeat three other guys in order to win, now there isnt a doubt in my mind that you can do it, what do you think?."

' big poppa pump 'Scott Steiner: "Without a shadow of a doubt I will win this match, if it means beating the living shit out of each of these fuckers and hauling them out on stretchers. I dont have any favorites here, nor do I plan on having any. I dont give a shit about anyone except the two of us, everyone else can..."

' supa dupa freak 'Midajah: "You tell them Poppa, I just love it when you talk dirty. Tell you what, the hell with sitting back here like little innocent children, because neither one of us are innocent, lets go out there and tell those people what we really think."

SCENE: Steiner and Midajah get up from their seats as Scott throws his chain gear on his head and they exit the room arm and arm. They make their way down the hallway as everyone just stares at them in disbelief. Tehy cant believe someone so beautiful as Midajah and someone so fucking huge as Scott Steiner is in Primetime Wrestling Federation. They continue down the hallway until they come across the curtain that leads to the main stage. Steiner tells the technical engineer ' Hit My Music ' as all of a sudden... ' HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!... ' fills the arena along with the sirens. Scott Steiner and Midajah step out from behind the curtain as they make their way down the ramp. They stop at the bottom of the ramp as Steiner throws his arm up in front of the camera as he begins to show off his pecks. He kisses his arm as he just grins and at the same time Midajah just rubs it down. Midajah walks up the steel steps as Scott follows her. Steiner walks down the ring apron and holds the bottom rope up for Midajah as she ducks under and enters the ring followed by Scott. Scott makes his way over to the turnbuckle where he climbs on and poses as the fans give him a mixed reaction. Steiner doesnt care as he continues to show off his body. He then hops down and make his way over to the ring announcer. She hands him a microphone as Scott begins to speak.

' big poppa pump 'Scott Steiner: "Cut the damn music. Just for the record, you idiots sitting out there in the crowd can give me any kind of reaction you want, just keep in my that I just dont give a damn what kind of reaction I get. As the matter of the fact, while I am out here I might as well let you all know, you people didnt make me, I made myself who I am, and that person is someone none of you idiots are. I am a ' Genetic Freak ', hell I am ' The Genetic Freak ', all you asses out there are simply jealous because you dont have what I have, and thats the biggest damn arms in the world, and the biggest damn arms you'll ever seen. Fuck with me and one of these arms could end up being wrapped around your sister breeding necks. Enough of the bullshit talk. Lets get down to business. You see tonight yours truly as been scheduled to compete in a Four Corners Match, with three other punks in the same match. Now three other asses being in the match is fine with me, because Ill just toss all their asses into the third row and consider the match over. What I dont get is why a man of my caliber is out here jobbing to someone such as Triple H. Who in the hell is Triple H?. Everyone worships his ass like he is the President of the United States, snap into it, Triple H is a nobody. Hunter Hearst Helmsley thats his fucking name, there's no Triple H to it, he is just simply Hunter. You know Hunter I know more about you then you know about your ownself. Your a user and abuser. You see theres no secret that you are screwing the boss's daughter, thats all fine because every man needs a Freak now and then, but you are using it to your total advantage. Everyone knows that you are getting that boss's daughter poontang every night and then every morning you wake up and you decide what direction you want your career is, and you know that with you sleeping with the boss's daughter, there's nothing nobody can do about you making your own decisions. You can sit back there and screw every Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes along Hunter, but just realize that I've got my eye on you, because I dont appreciate anything being handed to anyone, easily. Now I realize there is one other guy I should be worried about, Kurt Angle. To be honest I'm not worried about Kurt Angle at all because all I have to do is basically shit on those worthless medals of his and he'll run home crying like a baby, but just in case he doesnt, let me tell you something Kurt. When you step into the ring with me, this isnt the Olympics, hell this isnt even the year 1996, this is the year 2003, this is my year. Just keep inside that little head of yours that I am going to be in this match, and that I dont give a rat's ass what you have done for your country, because either way when I get a hold of you, it is all said and done, the dust will have then settled. You can try to outwrestle me, you can try and use your Olympic technique to your advantage, but you'll never, and nobody else in this match, will never out fight me. I am in it to win it, and if that means tearing each and every one of your hearts out and feeding you them with a spoon, then I will be glad to do it, because anything is worth my career being a success. There's also another kid in this match, a AJ Styles if I recall. I'm not even going to say anything about this kid because he is just that, a kid he wont be a problem. I want each and every one of you asswholes in the crowd to take a good look at me, because I am going to be your PWF Champion whether you like it or not. Now I've got one more thing to say and it goes a little something like this...THIS GOES TO ALL MY FREAKS OUT THERE...BIG POPPA PUMP IS YOUR HOOK UP!!!..."

SCENE: Scott Steiner throws the microphone across the ring as he walks over to the turnbuckle. Just then ' Holla If Ya Hear Me ' begins to blast over the PWF Public Address System as Steiner climbs onto the turnbuckle and begins to pose as the PWF cameras zoom in on him and fade to a commercial.