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Team Stumpy Racing

New Team, New Year for Stumpy

Stumpy is ready to roll out the 2008 season. Off-season training is going well, both in and outdoors. Stumpy will be racing Cat 3 for the newly formed Chocolay Ace Cycling Team and looking to sprint for the win in a few races this year. Chocolay Ace Cycling will kick off the season in Sheboygan, Wisconsin April 5.

Stumpy and KMK Rock Superior Bike Fest!

Stumpy took home two wins and 3rd place overall in Cat 4,5 competition June 22-24 at Marquette, Michigan's Superior Bike Fest. Stumpy won Friday night's Cat 4,5 Twilight Criterium in a sprint to the finish over USOEC's Christopher Carr and KMK teammate Andy Langlois. Saturday's road race started out perfect with a good break up Marquette Mountain. But Stumpy's luck ran out as he was swept up in a crash when two riders in front of him fell. He dropped out of the race shortly thereafter. Stumpy got up Sunday morning ready for revenge with nothing to lose and won the Cat 4,5 circuit race and tallied up enough points to comeback for the final podium position in the overall points category. KMK Teammate and Saturday road race winner Langois won the overall award. Check out Stumpy's race report under the Race Reports banner to the left.

2007 Kicks Off on the Box!

Today I found out if my early mornings and bad weather riding paid off. And just with the results today, I think they did. When we got to Evergreen Park in Sheboygan, Wisconsin the guy at registration informed me I can now race Masters Cat, 4 because I am now 30 in addition to Cat 4/5. I thought I might as well get my moneys’s worth, so I entered both.

Masters Cat 4 was first. Before the race started I took a look at the course and found out it was much different then the courses I was used to. The course was either climbing or descending, The climb was huge and right before the finish line. As a sprinter I was a little disappointed. When the race started I was on the second row, and got a great hole shot along with a guy on the Wheel and Sprocket team. He put out a great effort and I was on his wheel, Then it was descent time. I felt really great descending and, before we knew it, we were gapping the rest of the field about 15 seconds a lap. We worked great together and took equal turns. After 40 minutes they gave us the 2 laps to go signal. I was feeling great but on the way up the wall, I got out of the saddle and started to cramp in my calf. I sat down right away and just spun up hanging onto his wheel. I lead down the hill recovering just a bit hoping my legs would hold up one more time, I put a big push right at the start of the last climb to the finish hoping I could set the tempo. Well he took over and attacked hard half way up. I sprinted to catch his wheel with my legs cramping I could see the 50 meter sign so I knew it was time to sprint, I gave it everything I had but was not enough to catch him. I got 2nd. I was kind of let down because I thought I had this cramping thing under control. But is was time to pound some water and refuel for the next race that started in 30 minutes.

Well the clouds started to darken for this one and I knew there were going to be a lot of sketch balls so my plan was to stay out front and, if it started raining, I would try to stay out of the mess. I got another good hole shot and the group heading down the winding decent, I led down it but on the hill up it was like a sprint fest, I was a little worried about the cramps but they were staying away. More of the same for most of the race but it started pouring half way through. I recovered pretty good with two laps to go and put in a effort on the way down and pushed a little early on the way up and three guys got away and I finished in 4th .

I was happy to come away with USA cycling points to upgrade my category to 3. And I made some money to boot. And what a great training day--I’m still getting great experience and logging miles on the legs. A little harder effort really got the cobwebs out but I’m gonna drop the intensity a bit the next couple of weeks and put in some long base miles.

Stumpy's At the Front In Ore To Shore!

Greg "Stumpy" Steltenpohl took home 6th place overall of 922 entries and 1st place in his division in the 2006 Ore To Shore Soft Rock mountain bike race. It was a wild ride with Stumpy in the lead pack for most of the 28 mile course until his chain fell off with just 10 miles to go.

He held his position but was unable to get back in contact with the leaders. He's looking forward to next year when he'll bump up to the 48 mile Hard Rock course!

KMK and Stumpy on the podium!

Marquette’s KMK Cycling Team brought home a podium finish at Hammer Gel MGA Proving Grounds road race July 11 as part of the International Cycling Classic Superweek events in Lyons, Wisconsin. Greg “Stumpy” Steltenpohl was led out by teammate Derek Anderson for the sprint to the 3rd place finish of a 47 rider field in the Men’s Cat 4/5 40 mile road race.

“Right before the finish there was a huge crash and we were caught behind it while the front half of the peloton broke away,” explained Steltenpohl. “I got on Derek’s wheel and he led out me through the ruckus and I attacked for the last 1,000 meters to catch the leaders.” Steltenpohl worked with teammates Anderson, Wes Pernsteiner and Tom Mahaney to make it safely through the peloton to the front at the end.

The sprint to the line ended in a photo finish for Steltenpohl and the 2nd place finisher as race judges had to review the tapes to reveal the winner. “It was a hard race, but my teammates deserve the credit for taking care of me so I could go for the win in the end.” Marquette’s Anderson brought home 14th place followed by Tony Lackey in 20th.

This was the second Superweek race for KMK cycling that week. The team also took part in the Point Beer Tour of Alpine Valley road race the day before in East Troy, Wisconsin. KMK’s best result came from Tyler Jenema of Negaunee with a 7th place finish in the Men’s Cat 4/5 40 mile road race. Jenema broke away early with a group of nine leaders and stayed away from the main peloton until the end. The rest of the KMK team remained in the peloton and tried to organize to catch the break-away, but the lead group stayed away. Steltenpohl ended up winning the sprint to the finish of the peloton to bring home 10th place, with Anderson in 13th and Andy Langlois of Marquette in 23rd.

“The competition is very tough at Superweek so the team was happy just to be there at the end,” said Steltenpohl. “We had just come off of a good showing at Superior Bike Fest in the 80 mile, but we didn’t know what to expect at Superweek. We were pleased with everyone’s results and look forward to the next time we can race as a team.”

Steltenpohl will travel back to Milwaukee for the final two Superweek races July 22 and 23 which are both criteriums. “I love close racing and a good sprint at the end, so I’m going to try to put KMK on the box again!”

Stumpy Finds Success at Superior Bike Fest!

Stumpy had a three great races at Superior Bike Fest in his hometown of Marquette, Michigan June 23 - 25. He kicked off the weekend at the Friday night Criterium and placed 2nd in the men's 10 lap race when he sprinted to the line with fellow KMK racer Blu Tenbrink, also of Marquette. KMK rounded out the podium with Derek Anderson taking home the third spot.

Stumpy was back at the front of the pack when he sprinted to the line for 6th place overall and 3rd in his division in the 80 mile road race Saturday morning, only a half-second from the win!

Recovery was key for Sunday and the end of the tough weekend. Stumpy brought home another 3rd place division medal in the 24 mile mountain bike race, despite a hard crash.
New Ambitions for Team Stumpy in 2005

Following the June 2005 Road America AMA event, Stumpy made the important decision to end his season early. This decision difficult and not based on any one reason, but after much deliberation, was obviously the best one. Both Stumpy and Heather thank all of their sponsors, friends and most importantly, family for all of their encouragement throughout the years. They will continue to support this sport that they both love dearly and hope that the spirit of fun and camaraderie continues to come out ahead of competition at track. The decision may or may not be a permanent one, only time will tell.

"We've lived the dream!"

Stumpy's successful at Road America AMA Supersport Race in 2005!

Greg “Stumpy” Steltenpohl had a successful weekend in his first-ever AMA competition at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin’s Road America June 5. Aboard the #256 Team Stumpy Racing Lithium Motorsports Honda 600rr, Steltenpohl qualified 33rd on the Supersport grid and placed 29th in the race.

“The entire event went really smooth,” says Steltenpohl. “Every time I went on the track, I’d find a faster way to go and drop some time. Qualifying was more stressful for me than the actual race. I’m not great at competing against a clock. I like to dice and have a ‘carrot’ to chase, but things came together and the session went good. Tom Mason picked out a great set of Michelins for the qualifying session that stuck great the whole time. I did have to come in for gas with a few minutes left and was hoping to do one more ‘flyer’, but the clock ran out.”

Sunny skies prevailed for the Sunday Supersport final, despite warnings of severe weather. “The race was so fun. I put my head down and was determined to make all 10 laps and I did. With the competition I was facing, I was looking for top 30, so that goal was met,” explained Steltenpohl. “It was the best 29th place I’ve ever won!”

“The icing on the cake were all the fans there cheering me on,” says Steltenpohl. “I always have the best group of people supporting me, whatever I’m up to. I really wanted to put on a good show for them and I thank everyone for their support and encouragement. I can’t wait for next year!”

Stumpy named 2004 Lockhart-Phillips USA Team Privateer Rider of the Year

Stumpy was named Team Privateer Rider of the Year by Lockhart-Phillips USA January 8, 2005 at the CCS Midwest series awards banquet. In addition to the honor of the national award, he received a check from LPUSA for $2,000. He'll proudly wear the title in the upcoming season. Check out the Lockhart Phillips press release on and

Stumpy featured by Road Racer X

Stumpy is a featured privateer on the Road Racer X website .

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