Title: FREEDOM 3-2009
Size: 30" x 40"
Description: Mixed Media Collage on canvas
After my last series that I painted a couple of years ago, I have been teaching and becoming a "man", no longer listening to the old voices of the past. I am now painting with the thought of showing them at my church. It is intentional and all letters. This is the second painting of the series of words I will be doing. This only took a day to do... I am feeling strange not using black and not covering up the images... I also "found" objects that were appropriate just by chance... because the paintings are more intentional and structured, I am less inclined to want to do another "FREEDOM" painting for a while... I also am concerned with copyright laws with the images I am using now that you can see who the people are on the painting... in this case Al Green... I might have to take my own pictures and place people I know on the paintings... It will be more work but much more significant and personal... which should make it much more fun. Again... this is a journey and works in progress... we'll see where it takes me.