Title: I AM A MAN 2004
Size: 48" x 60"
Description: Mixed Media Collage on canvas
Comments: This was sitting in my garage for 6 months. Then on Martin Luther King’s Birthday feeling about as low as on can get, I felt compelled to write on the painting like I used to do a few years ago... just journal... what happened was a series of writings I can only describe as empowering to me... I felt that on that day God had given back to me my manhood... which represented three generations of males in my family... I felt that this painting completed everything that I was painting for these past decades... this painting was the culmination of all the other paintings and what I was searching for. That day I became a man. I was free to express myself... and unlike the scream, plaster “I am a Man” all over the canvas... for me that was very significant and freeing. I feel that this chapter in my life is finally complete. I do feel the need to do some sort of installation now... a compilation of what has transpired in my artwork. Probably a multi media presentation of some sort. My paintings as a back drop to a movie that will be shown on them.