Title: We Are One 1997
Size: 60" x 80"
Description: Mixed Media Collage on canvas

Comments: This is the continuation of my last theme. I went ahead and made a painting that looks like the Jesus I worship. Ironically the image of “Jesus” is the white supremist who killed the Asian and wrote, “Oh, I killed a jap awhile ago”. I realized that I did that to myself 40 years ago as a little boy. I became a “white supremist” to eradicate that race of people in me. Wanting to be like that man, who hated “Japs.” To embrace my heritage would be like trying to embrace Hitler. Hitler and the Japanese were the “enemy,” in the entire war movie’s I saw. Living in an all white neighborhood only proved that my skin color was to be hated and “killed.” Now as I look back on the painting, “little Bobby” has been killing the “jap” all his life. Unfortunately that “jap” is me. What is also ironic is that while growing up I think this image is what I worshiped. White supremacy was my god.