Title: 24 To the Church in America... 1995
Size: 30" x 40"
Description: Mixed Media Collage on canvas
Comments: I donít know why but of all the paintings Iíve done this is one of my favorites. It portrays a soul tormented and emotionally hurt through different circumstances of life. My own emotional childhood is graphically portrayed with the arms cut off and the legs cut off. And even though I appeared normal on the outside, inside I was starving for love. It also portrays an ineffective church with arms and legs cut off bleeding from all parts of the body. Hurting in pain not being able to help itself. Itís no wonder why it canít help others outside the church. The enemy representing the pair of scissors is ready to cut off more. Judgment and doom facing an already hurting church. In both cases the enemy is us. We are hurting ourselves. I am hurting myself. I am my own worst enemy. Jesus wants me whole with his love and acceptance and instead fill myself with guilt and shame telling myself that I am not worthy. And within the church we disagree and fight amongst ourselves lashing out at each other with hatred and jealousy. Instead of love and compassion, contempt and bitterness. We become the scissors thinking it is Godís hand when it really is our own hand guided by Satan himself.