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New Sonic Adventures Presents Sonic Battle: Metal Ragnorak! Metal Ragnorak is the sixth major chapter in the New Sonic Adventures mythology. Shortly after the events seen in the previous chapter, Sonic Heroes, Sonic and his Freedom Fighter friends find themselves faced with a nightmarish threat: an army of Metal Sonic Robots heading straight for their homes. It's up to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and the other Freedom Fighters to once again stand against the on-coming army and contribute in what can only be described as a Metal Ragnorak! To start reading Sonic Battle: Metal Ragnorak, simply click on the cover page above and use the navigation buttons to cycle through the comic. As you read, feel free to click any page of the comic to read to exclusive Author's Commentary. Please take the time to Sign the official Guestbook and visit the New Sonic Adventures main website. Thank You and Enjoy!

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