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I was having this conversation with some friends over here in Switzerland and it came around to the topic of how many people we have known who contacted HIV. What and where we have come in 25-30 years over the stigma of our AIDS generation and the so many deaths we have had to experience of our loved ones. I mentioned if I was a chief I would don my chief's eagle feathered bonnet and give permission to health organizations all over the world to use my image as they see fit to get a positive message out to people.
Since I am not a chief I am doing what I am able to as an artist. Please, feel free to use this design to reach out to all communities Native and non-Native. Posters, post cards, t-shirts, etc. Perhaps, together we move in a positive direction to Protect Our Blood...
from the heart, SkyHawk

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The politically incorrect Ndn  Nothing is sacred

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