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Mithril Titans

March 11, 2003
Hello Mithril Titans, 2 big things have happened since yesterday, we are now allied with G00dTymRZ also Dark And Light was kind enough to set up a forum for us, thank you. -Rexzin
March 10, 2003
Hello people, I just recieved an e-mail saying our Clan was accepted into, cool. However we need more people. E-mail me if your intrested (must play dark). Thats all for today. By the way you can expect page updates 3-4 times a week. -Rexzin
March 7, 2003
After viewing the other clan sites I noticed that they are spiffed up and fancy, well the Mithril Titans are not about fancy. We are about fear, destruction, and darkness. For we are Mithril Titans, gods of the dark! -Rexzin
March 7, 2003
Greatings and welcome to Clan Mithril Titans. We are a team of elite RPG (role-playing game) players. Clan Mithril Titans is always looking for new members so do not hesitate to apply. -Rexzin
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